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Kanye West Likes Butt Play?

Kanye West Likes Butt Play?

Twitter has been on fire after a bit of a feud broke out between Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and their mutual ex, Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose). The spat started when Kanye announced that he’d be altering the title of his upcoming album to “Waves”. Things went back and forth in usual Twitter fashion with Kanye accusing his fellow rapper of stealing Kid Cudi’s style. He also called out Khalifa saying “you let a stripper trap you” in reference to Amber Rose. This is where things got personal.

Amber took to the Twitterverse and shared some intimate details about West including his apparent love for butt play.

Kanye West Likes Butt Play?

Amber Rose VS Kanye

We’ll provide some of the details below so you can enjoy this ass-tastic adventure!

Kanye soon tried to take the high road and removed his Tweets but (butt) it was too late.

Amber has since replied…

We say if Yeezus likes a little finger up his ass, more power to him.  It’s far more common than people think and the niche might have just found it’s new celebrity spokesman!

Come on folks, everyone is doing it!  In fact if you want to see some ass fingering we have you covered at PORN.COM!

Keep Kanye’s backside happy! #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch  #TwitterFingers

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