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Katarina Kat Does What She Wants

She emails:

I love my fans and people who watch me and pay to see me perform. I am always thankful for the companies that give me the chance to work and the fans that support my work. I know that without fans then I have no work.

I try to stay on top of everything going on around me but I travel and work so much that it’s almost impossible but I was reading some stuff and got me aggravated…lol…(not really but wanted to put my cheap 2 cents) I have to say that there’s 2 things that I always find annoying. People saying that you can’t have a normal relationship if you do porn and people trying to get religion involved as soon as they leave porn.

First of all, I have a hubby and daughter and we love each other. We try to make lots of money to take care of daughter best way we can. We both like performing and support each other on everything. Neither of us drink or do drugs, never have and never will. I wasn’t abused or grew up in fucked up house and I never have a bad experience on shoot. Now why is that? If I don’t want to have a 10 guy gangbang, I just say NO, right? If I don’t feel comfortable with the company wanting to shoot me, I don’t do shoot, right? Do I think I am going to heaven or hell…that’s not for me to decide. God himself will determine that and I just do my best to help people and be decent person, regardless of my job… Do I think is wrong to do porn? Why would I? I think everyone has choice to make in life and if you think porn is wrong, then you just shut off the freakin tv or computer.

I think the person you are is the result of ALL decisions you make in life. So if you look in the mirror and you see a complete piece of dog shit, then that’s your own fault and the industry didn’t force you. If you leave the industry after years and you still drive a shit car and live in shit apartment, then YOU were the dummy that didn’t know how to manage your money.

If you leave the industry, then move on! Go somewhere else…don’t start trying to preach and bad mouth people. If you leave then leave 100%.

I think people that stay around, just can’t let go and need to be involved even if on different way. Nobody cares what your real name is or how bad you had it and that was the reason you began doing porn…EVERYBODY has problems…everyone goes thru bullshit. Some people have problems at home or some people have problems with relationship…some people like me, fall 40 feet to concrete and break almost all your bones and lose the career you love since I was little girl. But you don’t stay bitching about it! you get back up no matter how hard you hit, grow some balls, and move forward because the truth is at the end of the day YOU are the only one that can change your own life and nobody can take better care of you than yourself.


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