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Katarina Kat Interview

I’ve got some amazing pictures of her amazing self here and here and here. Katarina Kat’s MySpace is here, her LA Direct Models page here and her website is here.

She replies to me:

Hey Luke,
I will answer the questions in order…
1* Where did you grow up?
2* What did you love and hate about your childhood?
3* When did you come to America?
4* What do you love and hate about America?
5* When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
6* What kind of crowd were you in in high school? What was your reputation?
7* How would your best friends describe you?
8* Why did you get into porn?
9* What do you love and hate about being a porn star?
10* Did you lose any friends from getting into porn?
1. I grew up in Kazakhstan for a little bit of my childhood but mostly all around the World.
2. I had a very good childhood. My family is very loving family. The only thing I hated was being away from them for so long everytime I left to travel with the circus.
3. I came to America about 5 years ago.
4. I love America…can’t really say I hate anything about it, because you have good and bad everywhere you live. I don’t like the war…that’s for sure! Hate is a very strong word so I don’t use it…
5. All I ever wanted to be was a performer. My family was in the circus and I was in the circus from the age of 3 and began performing small acts at the age of 5 and so on…other than that I just want to be a good person and never hurt anyone…
6. In High School we all were together. In Kazakhstan there isn’t a lot of groups of people separated. Everyone hangs out and everyone respects each other. I, of course spent more time with the people that were in the circus, but I was friends with everyone over all. I was considered a very good student and very strong person.
7. They will say that I always there for them, very strong person, very honest, and funny…:)
8. After I had a very bad accident in the circus that eventually made me retire, I decided to become a waitress. I did good money but not the money I was used to. I was a circus performer my whole life and now I couldn’t do it. One day I went to an amateur contest at a stripclub and won. So I quit waitressing and began stripping. I love it because I was kind of like performing for me. From there I was offered a lot of jobs to model. From glamour, to bikini, to nude…After a couple of years doing it, my good friend Shauna Banks and her husband Jay Steele asked me to give it a try, so after discussing it with my hubby C Los, he supported me 100% so we both decided to get into it. He was already in the Adult Industry.
9. I love the schedule I have. It gives me a lot of free time to spend with my family. I love the money I make of course…not just by shooting, that’s not that much but when you combine all your income; Features, Shoots, Website, Merchandise Sales, etc. it adds up to very good income. I love to please the fans…perform in front of the camera. Also, 95% of the time, I’ve had the chance to perform with very good looking and very professional guys. What I hate…the other 5%…lol…and what I really hate is a unprofessional set.
10. I don’t lose any friends, in fact I’ve gained a few…(Hope you don’t mind Luke), I want to say thank you to all my fans and all the people that are supporting me. All my friends in the industry and out of the industry.
Especially to;
My hubby C Los
Shauna Banks
Jay Steele
LA Direct Models (The whole crew especially Derek and Kevin)
ADT (The whole crew especially Steph, Skronker, Bob, and John Thomas)
The Lee Network (Especially Dave and Nakita Kash)
The Spearmint Rhino in Downtown LA
Rob from
Some very special pornstars (Tera Patrick, Jewel De’Nyle, Belladonna, Abbey Brooks, Regan Reese, Kyle Wilde)
and again to all the fans!!!
If it wasn’t for these people there wouldn’t be a “Katarina Kat”

and Thank you Luke for taking the time to interview me…lots of love! Sposibo’ Sladkii
Katarina Kat (Svetlana)

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