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Katarina Kat Update

She writes May 31, 2007 on ADT:

I am in the process of coming out with 3 websites. One of course is You can see a sample website up right now, but when it gets released it will look a lot better. I am working on the content right now, so it will be a little while. The difference is that I am doing everything myself, with the help of a very special someone. From building the website to shooting the content. I’m not shooting “trade” content, like some of the girls do (which there’s nothing wrong with it), but when you see the content on my website, it will be original, fresh, new, and better… It will be directed by me and I will put out what I believe that will please the viewer more, when it comes to me. Also, on my website (here’s a good one) I will “come out of the closet” and you will see me do a lot of stuff that I haven’t done on my previous shoots (anal, swallowing, creampies, etc.) I always said that I didn’t want to be another name that came through and was forgotten, so I am taking control of my career and making sure that I make a mark on the industry…even if it’s just a small one!

I am also working on doing a road trip accross the USA right before my website comes out to advertise it. All of these things are 100 funded by me, so I am very proud of that and the fact that in such a short time in the industry I was able to remain focused and saved my damn money.

I’ve already shot over a hundred scenes, but unfortunatelly some of the companies I shoot for take their time upon releasing a movie. I did a couple of shoots on 2006 that are still not out. I’m sure that if half my shoots were out, a lot more people would be aware of me…but as of right now I think I have about 23 movies released and in like 10 of those they misspelled my name.

I do a little boxing workout and dancing keeps me in really good shape…everything else is muscle memory from years of training as a gymnast. As far as the losing a little weight, I did those pics a few months back. I already lost 5 pounds since then. So if you see me now, then you will really go ape!!! I’m 5’9″ and 120 pounds with about 4% body fat…so not bad for having a baby less than a year ago, huh?

John Thomas posts to ADT:

Katarina, I want to sound a note of caution here. Terri Summers has previously remarked in this forum that the most popular scenes on her website are the solo girl scenes, then the 1-on-1 b/g and g/g scenes and she has also said that when she did her gangbang she actually lost fans. I think that is something to bear in mind. It is great that you want to listen to your fans but remember that many of the people most vocal and persistent in pushing what they want to see are going to be precisely the people with marginal tastes for things that will turn off the average fan.


My recommendation for your website is to gather around you a group of performers with whom you have real chemistry, focus on solo and 1-on-1 (b/g and g/g) scenes, playing to the gymnastic skills that are your USP, keep the anal rare enough that it remains always a treat, and strictly ration the more extreme acts so as not to alienate the vanilla-favouring majority among your fans. That will ensure you a broad and enduring fanbase. If you want to explore sexual arenas new to you and want to use fan suggestions as a jumping off point for that then I am sure there are many people who will be happy to accompany you on that journey. But don’t let anyone pester you into shooting stuff that you aren’t completely comfortable with just to “please the fans”. To please your fans the best thing you can do is not try to – just be yourself. That is what your real fans will enjoy most.

Belladonna is a significant director as well as a performer and her site appeals most to those who enjoy her style as a director. Terri Summers runs a site that appeals most to those who enjoy her as a performer. Terri’s website is a good example of exactly the sort of single-girl-centred site that Katarina is building. I think her experiences offer a better guide to what works for such a site that Belladonna’s more director-centred site.

What will attract most people to Katarina’s site are her strengths as a performer: her all-natural looks, her open and friendly personality and her gymnastic skills – to summarise that in one phrase, her elegance. Anything that seems to compromise that elegance too much is going to do her as much harm as good among her fanbase.

I don’t want happening to Katarina what I think happened to Sasha Knox: she performs more and more extreme acts for an ever-dwindling but ever more voracious group of fans until she reaches a point where, given the opportunity to take stock of her life, she decides she doesn’t want to be the sort of freakshow she has become and quits the business all together.

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