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Katie Kox- Cuckold & Black Men part 2


You can read part 1 here

AF: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

K: Yes I want Rick to get a group of guys, and I want to be blindfolded and handcuffed and tied to the bed or chair and I haven’t decided if I want it to be guys I know and make it a guessing game to guess whose cock is in my mouth. But basically I want Rick to be really dominant and have him calling all the shots. I want Rick to tell the group of guys what to do to me. I think it would be really hot and I would be super submissive, more submissive than usual.

AF: That would be hot! I would like to watch that on your site.

K: Sometimes we do things just for ourselves though. I had a BBC gangbang group come from Texas out here to fuck me. But it wasn’t for on camera, they didn’t want to be filmed.
AF: Wow I didn’t know such a thing existed.

K: There are groups all over the place. I took some pictures of the gangbang, but it was just for me. Some people were upset that there wasn’t a video filmed for my site, but they have to understand that it’s not just what I do for a living, I really do enjoy fucking black men, so I’m not going to film every single time.

AF: Is there anything you wouldn’t do sexually?

K: No pee & poop stuff. People are requesting anal, but I don’t want to do it on screen yet because I am not physically ready. I am practicing in my private life though.

AF: I gotta ask, since you are so into black men, who is your favorite Black man?

K: My favorite right now is Shane Diesel because I like thickness. Shane is very passionate and we have a really good connection on and off screen, and a really good relationship sexually. He has been in the industry for a while but he still fucks like he means it. I love that cock. He has a really thick cock.

AF: Is it as big around as a coke can?
K: Oh my God. I am going to have to e-mail your some pictures. All the way around it is as big as a Skyy Vodka bottle. On my blog, it is the first picture that you will see right now. ( )

AF: (I look it up) Oh my God, that is huge! You can’t even fit it in your mouth!

K: Rick says to me do you want to just do a BJ scene with Shane?, and I said no, how am I going to do that for a half hour of trying to shove that thing in my mouth. I love it in my…, I love fucking him.

AF: He must stretch you out.
K: You would think so but after having sex with him it shrinks up really tight.

AF: And after you have sex with a black guy you have sex with Rick.

K: Yeah.

AF: Because he gets horny thinking about the fact that you just had sex with the guy.

K: Yes. Some couples with open relationships have rules like the husband has to approve of the guy, or the husband has to be there to watch, but the only rule that we have is that I don’t lie about it. So even though most people consider what I do cheating, we don’t consider it that unless I was to deliberately go behind his back and not tell him. But that’s the only rule. Like with the BJ situation today, I didn’t have to call up Rick and ask him if I could give this guy I met at the gas station a blow job.

AF: I don’t think what you do is cheating on Rick, if you and Rick decided what is ok for you to do and that is what you are doing.

K: It took me a long time to come to terms with that, not really when I was fucking someone in front of him. But when he would tell me that he thought it was really hot if I went on dates or fuck behind his back and come home and tell him. And that made me nervous at first because this is a very unique relationship. So the first times that I did it without him there I was nervous to tell him. I called him up to tell him and he was mad because he needed a ride and I had my phone off. So I tell him that I’m sorry I couldn’t come and get you because I was busy fucking. And Rick went from mad to so happy in zero point two seconds. So maybe it’s a little weird but it works for us. I like it, it’s fun. It keeps things exciting. The other day Rick told me we were doing a photo shoot, and he picked out my outfit and I got all dressed up and he was taking pictures of me and he secretly had called up Rico Shades and surprised me with Rico showing up to fuck me.

AF: My husband surprises me with lobster, and your husband brings you black men.

K: Well I love lobster too!

AF: I don’t think my husband would bring me a black man

K: I’ll bring you a black man!

AF: Thank you Katie! Do you have a message for your fans?

K: I love them and thanks for always supporting me and watching me grow up sexually. If I am this much of a slut at twenty-four, imagine what kind of dirty debauchery I’ll be doing in five to ten years. Please continue to watch, because there is much more to cum!

 You can read the whole interview and see the naked pictures here

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