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Katie Kox’s & Rick Barcode’s site Dirty Hard Reviewed

Reviewed by BigRed

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re trying to find a silver lining? That was me last week. Between the wife, the kid, Jersey Shore rejects fighting at work, damn road work at night, needing a drink, lack of sleep, not being able to
get a drink, work. I was going to loose it. Alas, my silver lining arrived.

A membership, life just got good.
Now DHD is basically the main site with 6 sub-sites consisting of Katie, , the ,, and So you’re getting a 6 for 1 type deal.

Its all broken down in to whatever may tickle your fancy. From anal to toys. Wait, what the hell is a cb3000? Don’t worry, I’ll find out later for you. The line up of talent is HUGE. I’m not going to give you the whole roster but  here’s a quick sample. Adrianna Nicole, Amber Rayne, Deauxma, Devon Lee, Emily Parker, Pinky, Sara Jay, Zoey Holloway and Sierra Skye(call me. *swoon*)

Have a certain male star you like? They have a roster for that also. Lexington Steel, Marcus London, Byron Long, Joey Brass to name a few.

Now for me the one that stands out was the first video I watched with Krissy Lynn. No particular reason other than she easy on the eyes,and fun to watch.

I’ve had access to this site for about a week and I’ve only scratched the surface. A fun little bonus with this, click on a name it gives you a quick bio, and there Twitter updates. Oh, you’re not on Twitter? Why the hell not? 

Now all the vids run about 25-30 minutes, maybe a little more and each has a photo set. The lowest photo set I’ve found so far is 41. That’s nothing to sneeze at. The quality of the videos is legit dvd caliber. Not that shaky cam amateur stuff. And another bonus, I’ve had no issues with the computer running slow, no pain in the ass pop ups and no virus crap. Extra bonus with that, that’s all the wife cared about. So that’s a big win right there.

Here’s some free advice on where to start on this site if you’re not sure. Click on female models, start w/ Adrianna Nicole and end with Zoey Holloway. It’ll help you learn the alphabet. Don’t forget to take a break now and then. Oooo
Lisa Ann’s on here to. Well folks, I have more research to do so I’m going. Send water and Hot Pockets.

This gets an enthusiastic SCORE 8.5 -10

NL- You can see a lot of hot stuff without a membership too. Check it out here Clicky

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