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Katja Kassin – Drug Free

She writes on ADT:

I’m in this for 5 years now and I have never taken any sort of drugs, don’t even smoke cigarettes or drink coffee.

Work conditions are bad sometimes and if you complain about the fact that there is no warm water in the location house you’re a bitch, a diva, prima donna. that bothers me sometimes. there are a couple of other things like the photographer yelling at you because you don’t look sexy enough posing outside in January at 50 degrees. and all you hear is “well if you don’t want to be here we can get somebody else in a minute…”

I also really hate make up artists who don’t sanitize their brushes and get offended when you ask them to. stuff like that makes me angry but so far I could handle it all without drugs or therapy.

Christian posts: “The porn industry does create the addicts. Most of the girls when they get into the business start to make really good money and also begin to have a load of free time, and no adult supervision or parental influence. So lots of money + lots of free time + left to their own devices + males preying on their weaknesses = drug use. For the most part, not everyone.”

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