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Katja Kassin Interview

I interview her by phone while she’s at the Phoenix Forum for webmasters. (Audio)

Katja’s new website is “I plan to be true to myself. Obviously a lot of anal and ass stuff.”

“I’m here to walk around in a t-shirt from PussyCash,” she says. “They have seminars here about pay sites and traffic. No fans.”

In porn four years, she plans to stay as long as “people want to watch me.”

“I really love living in America. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve wanted to move away from Germany. Far away.

“You’re more free in America than other countries. People here, even if they don’t agree with what you say, still respect you for your opinion. Even if somebody disagrees with you, they will still let you talk. In Germany, it’s not that easy.”

“Everybody here is friendly. Germany is not like that. If you are new to a group of people, they are suspicious of you. In America they are like, ‘Hey, I don’t know you but come to my birthday party tomorrow.’

“In America, people call each other ‘friend’ after two weeks.

“In Germany, I hate the bad customer service. You always feel like you are begging for something.

“In Germany, everybody knows who I am and people judge you for it. In America, you can be a porn star and people don’t agree with what you do, but as long as you drive a nice car and have money and are successful, they don’t care too much. If I tip well, if they can make money off you, they don’t care. In Germany, it is different. Wherever you go, they will always be strange.

“As a customer in America, you will always be appreciated. It doesn’t matter how you make your money.

“When I went back to Germany for Christmas last December, I hung out with people I knew before porn. One girl was gossipy about everything. ‘Ohmigod, how can you do this?’ This is the same girl who went home with three guys she picked up in a club.

“In Germany, everybody thinks sex is no big deal, but if you are a porn star, they look at you like, ‘How can you do that?’ Because you’re making money from it.”

Luke: “When you were a child [in Leipzig], what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Katja: “I wanted to be a figure skater because she knew that in communist East Germany in sports, they take the child away from the parents.”

“Then I always wanted to be a teacher for German but I when I went to university, I didn’t like it. I decided to do porn. Everybody has something they’re good at and for me it’s f—— on camera.

“People [in Leipzig] really hate me for going to America, a capitalist country.

“My parents are OK with the porn but they really don’t like me living in America.

“I’m frustrated with Germany because the unemployment rate is so high. It comes from the re-union in 1989. All of a sudden West Germany had to take in 17 million people who had never paid into the social security system. That’s a large burden.”

Luke: “Why do you think Germany has such a low birth rate?”

Katja: “As the economy does not do well in Western countries, the birth rate will go down.”

“I had my first job at 15 working in a restaurant. Through college, I worked as a waitress. I got so frustrated with it. In Germany we don’t even have minimum wage. I met a guy who did nude photography. I did it. It paid well. I did that for three years before I started porn in Germany.

“I met the German porn star Dru Berrymore. She said I should come to L.A. That I could live in her house. She introduced me to agents and companies.”

“Many people have to work for a whole month for what a porn girl can get in one day. I love the traveling, the sex, my coworkers. I hate it when people don’t show up and you have to wait…”

“I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink.”

“Any job has certain risks to it. I try to be responsible. I won’t film any creampie scenes.”

Luke: “How has it affected you being in the porn industry?”

Katja: “It’s hard to make friends because you are in the public eye. Once people find out you are a porn star, they look at you in different ways. Everybody who is successful in something is affected by that.”

“It is better to have three real friends than 150 people calling me who don’t really care. I’ve never been a social butterfly.”

“I’m straight but I still have fun working with girls. I wouldn’t date a girl. ”

“Not everybody can date a porn star. It’s hard to have a relationship… It’s more important to me to do my job. I just opened a retirement account. I put my money in bonds.”

“I never lie to anybody. As soon as I go out with them, I tell them what I do. I’m not going to quit my job for a relationship. ”

“My parents never gave me any money. They respect me for that.”

“I really like reading your website.”

“You need porn stars on your site who don’t have drug problems and haven’t had five abortions.”

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