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Katja Sets the Record Straight

Katja e-mails me-

This has nothing to do with the release of the “9 to 5” documentary in
Germany and my family didn’t have any problems with it at all. They
went through that 7 years ago but they got used to it in the mean
time. I hate people making things up. Damn, the whole world can watch
me get banged in the butt on the internet and I would worry about some

The reason is that I am just happy where I am in my life right now and
I want it to stay that way. I’ve got my house, I got no debts, no big
bills to pay and I am just looking for a new challenge. I do not want
to pay the price anymore. It was a great career I had and it worked
for me for a long time but now I have other goals. I would like to
finally have a real serious and exclusive relationship. Many people
that are not even in the adult business go through that. When you are
young you are not necessarily into commitment but you get older and
you really want more out of personal relationships.

and I do not care what people post on the internet, I do not check my
wikipedia page ever so I didn’t even know there was something going
on. I do not care if people find my escort site. I don’t care if
somebody has something to say about it. I don’t feel like I have to
justify myself to strangers for anything I have done, I am not ashamed
of myself and I don’t have a problem. The opposite is the case. I am
really happy at the moment and that is my motivation.

and one more thing: I am fortunate enough to have the total support of
my family. If I wanted to stay in the business or if I want to retire
from it – my mom, my dad and my siblings are on my side. They want the
best for me and they trust the decision I make for myself.

thank you very much for posting this on your site to clear things up


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