Katy Perry’s Panty Peek


Katy Cocktease STRIKES AGAIN!

Blue-haired song bird, Katy Perry slithered out of a Parisian hotel sometime in the last 24 hours in the most skimpiest of skirts… and photographers were there to catch the see-through publicity stunt.

Katy Perry See Through Dress

Once married to British comedian, Russell Brand, Perry has been responsible for giving us some of the finest upskirts, nearly nudes, cleavage shots, and [potential] cell phone leaks. She’s created such fond mammor—ehem -memories here at Porn.com. Who can forget that Esquire UK shoot or that flirty smurfette upskirt. A gossip site that we’ve grown quite fond snagged this image which we promptly saved for later.

Real or Fake?

Though if you’re like me and your memory is a little shoddy I’ve compiled a gallery of the one shit I mentioned earlier plus a video so you can see the fun live and in color:

Source: CelebrityShame.com and The Superficial

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