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Kayden Kross Clocked in the face


But what it doesn’t tell you is that our very own Kayden Kross was the victim. She is a little rattled and a lot pissed but she isn’t hurt and she took it all in stride.

Apparently the guy was just some drolling idiot who was drinking on an empty brain or something.

We wish Kayden the best!

20 August 2008
The organiser of the Boobs on Bikes parade is accusing a spectator of decking one of his porn stars.

An estimated 100,000 people lined Auckland’s Queen St to watch the controversial parade.

Organiser Steve Crow says a parade participant, who is a guest from overseas, was hit by a crowd member.

“He actually came up to the car that I was in and was complaining and was saying how disgusting it was . . . then he goes and reaches to grab one of the girls and when she pushes him away, he punches her in the face.”

Mr Crow says it is a shame his guest had to see such behaviour while in New Zealand. He says a complaint is being laid with the police.

At the other end of the parade, a group of around 60 anti-porn protestors say they were heckled and had objects thrown at them as they walked down the street well ahead of the Boobs on Bikes. One protestor says bottles and ice were hurled at them, but he still felt it was important for them to be there and get their message across.

Organiser and Auckland Women’s Centre manager Leonie Morris says the parade forced everyone on Queen St to see women portrayed as sex objects.

“Once you turn someone into an object, you can demean them, you can degrade them, you can disrespect them, you can harm them and abuse them.”

Ms Morris says women and men should enjoy their sexuality without demeaning women and turning them into objects.

There were mixed reactions from the crowd, with one woman saying she thinks it a really sad state of the country that so many people are so excited about seeing breasts. While a man said people buy porn everyday and he did not see a problem with it.

A small group of men could be seen praying on the footpath while the parade went past.

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