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Kayden Kross In Scene From Breaking Bad

I blindly bought the first half of Season 5 of Breaking Bad from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised when I started watching the exclusive special feature entitled Chicks N’ Guns. I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan—it’s one of the best shows on TV, hands down. If you haven’t seen it, you have plenty of time to catch up before the finale this summer, and most of the seasons are on Netflix. Catch up.

Because this scene didn’t air on TV, we get glorious Kayden Kross toplessness completely uncensored! Besides the scene being an awesome little addition to the show and disc release, you get a pretty amazing show. In the behind the scenes look at the making of the scene, they mention that the set was closed and that only the essential people were on set to make Kayden feel more comfortable. I chuckled wholeheartedly at this, seeing as this is the girl who has her own Fleshlight, and is an adult star. Do you really think a few extra eyes on the set really would have bothered her?

Chicks N’ Guns is a scene that was shot specifically for the DVD/Blu-ray release. The scene takes place after Walt kills off all of Mike’s guys, and before Walt shows up at Jesse’s door in the final episode before the mid-season break. In the show, Walt shows up and reminisces about the past with Jesse. After he leaves, we find out that Jesse had a gun just in case Walt was trying to kill him.

This exclusive video reveals what happened to Jesse in this period. First, we see Skinny Pete and Jesse enjoying an exclusive show from the one and only Kayden Kross. It’s great to see more Skinny Pete, because he’s always comedically overshadowed by Badger, who’s absent from this clip. Not absent, however, is Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), who shows up unannounced at Jesse’s house and gives Jesse a gun for protection, just in case.

I could go on and on about the scene, but I recommend just watching it. Go pick up the discs, or rent them, or even borrow them from a friend. Even as someone who watches porn day-in, day-out, I was not disappointed.

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