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Kayden Kross interview by Pepe (with my babbling included )-update

UPDATE- I talked to Kayden, she says yes she did do this interview herself. She wrote those answers, but admits they are a little bland. Perhaps we will do a few more questions when she is in the mood.


NL-This extremely politically correct interview makes me wonder if Kayden really answered the questions. Of course I believe Pepe wrote them and sent them to her. It’s just the answers I am wondering about. You see back in the day… I did e-mail interviews with Devon & Tera Patrick when they were Digital Playground contract girls. Problem was that when I talked to them in person, they had never heard that we were DOING an e-mail interview, nor did they, according to them, DO an e-mail interview with me. Tera was certain that she never did any e-mail interview with me, since she knew who I was. So who do you think answered those questions and represented themselves as the contract stars? Hmmm. Now of course  I have no way of knowing about the Kayden interview. But I will ask her and see what she says. I’ll repeat this again to all you neighsayers, I do like Kayden, always have… Those answers just sound way too boring, and rah rah to me.

Hi Kayden, First of all congrats for you contract with DP and thanks for giving me again an in interview for  for starting, Did you enjoy hosting the AVN awards 2010?

Hi Pepe! Nice to talk to you again.
Can you tell us how this new experience was?
 It was amazing! It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I expected to be and everything felt like it was over too quickly.

Where were you born and raised?
 Sacramento, CA
How old are you Kayden?
Can you tell me your measures?

How did you get into porn?
 An agent approached me at the local strip club I’d been working at in Sacramento. He started me off with solo layouts and then I picked up a contract.
What did you before starting in porn Kayden?
 I worked in fast food joints, I was a waitress, a trail guide, a dog washer, and finally a stripper.
Backing to the AVN, Did you feel disappointed when you saw that you were not the winner of the Female Performer 2010?
 Of course there is going to be a little sadness but Tori Black is a great person to lose to (:
Was Tori Black the worthy of the Female Performer 2010?
 Absolutely. I respect her 100% as a performer and on a personal level. She’s a hard worker and has gotten to where she is without any help.

Do you think that now you are the new contract girl for DP are you going to be awarded for the next AVN 2011?
 I hope I start winning awards eventually (:
Let’s talk about this, how was Digital Playground contact you for being their new contract girl?
 They’re like a machine! I love it. I’ve never felt like I’ve accomplished so much in so little time.
Are you happy being a contract girl in DP with that bunch of beauties Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni Raven Alexis and Janie Summers?
 Yes! I’m in a line up with the hottest girls in the business. I only got a chance to start getting to know them at this recent AVN but they’re all great girls. I’ve always had a crush on Jesse though. If I had to single out who I was most excited to work with it would be her.
Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Janie Summers, Raven Alexis all of them are great and beautiful performers and contract girls in DP, Who is your favorite girl of them?
Do you think that Jesse Jane the flagship of DP could feel a little jealous being Kayden Kross now one of the best and hottest performers in DP?
 I don’t think anything is going to budge Jesse. She is solidly at the top in this industry.
Talking about your new mates in DP, Who is your favorite girl in DP for doing your first scene?
 I don’t know who I’ll be paired with first. They all are so different I’m sure each one is going to be a ride I don’t forget.
Do you think are you going to enjoy working in exclusive for Digital playground as a contract girl or probably you will miss working for another companies?
 Well I’ve always been under contract so there won’t be any adjustment being exclusive, just a little one falling into sync with how Digital operates.
What director you would like for your first movie, Joone, Celeste or Robby D.?

 Can I have all of them?
Do you have some new projects with DP now you are her brand new contract girl? Do you have any movies or signing soon?
 I’m shooting my first movie for them on the 27th of January. As soon as it releases I get to start the signings.
What is your favorite porn star in the adult business now?
 I have a number of favorites. I’m a big fan of Belladonna and Alexis Texas, Tori Black and of course the Digital Girls. I think Alexis Ford is someone to watch this year.
Some male performer you like in special?   Erik Everhard
Are you going to keep on blogging in websites and updating your  now you are a contract girl in DP?  Yes. My website and my blog ( will continue on as usual. I’ll also be blogging for Xcritic again.
Would you mind doing anal scenes for DP in a future?
 Down the line
Could we seeing Kayden Kross doing a b/b/g, dp, interracial or an orgy now she is in Digital Playground?
 I’ll be releasing things I’ve never done before. We intend to reinvent my scenes and make them hotter than ever.
Everybody knows you are a great blogger and you enjoy a lot writing for many sites, anyway among this, do you have any other hobbies among this?
 My other hobbies are horses and books. I love to read and I have a stallion named Conte.
I read you would like to became a physiologist are you still studying for it? I picked up a second major along the way, so now I’m studying political science as well.
Are you happy living the porn life or sometimes is so crazy?
 It’s crazy in a good way. My schedule sometimes gets overwhelming but it’s always fun.
Did you watch porn before you were in porn?
 No I didn’t even know anything about porn before I entered the industry.
And now, do you watch porn? Do you use masturbating if you are doing it?
 I don’t really. I masturbate frequently enough though.
Would you mind being a contract girl with DP for many years?
 I hope that’s exactly how it turns out.
Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?
 Yes! Watch for my first movie from Digital to release around April of this year. And of course my website and my blog
Do you like Spain Kayden? Would you mind to come to our country in a future?
I want to come to Spain! Tell Digital to send me there (:

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