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Kayden Kross interview

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• Interview by Cindi Loftus
• Cover photo by Holly Randall • Photos courtesy of Adam & Eve


Adam & Eve’s newest contract girl is hot and smart, as in she looks great naked, and she likes to read books on economics. Let me introduce you to Kayden Kross!

Adult Fun: Hi Kayden. I heard you were on set. What are you filming?
Kayden: I’m on the set for Adam and Eve’s big feature of the year, it’s called Roller Dolls.
AF: Roller, like roller skates?
K: Yes we are filming on roller skates.
AF: Can you roller skate?
K: I can actually. I went and practiced a couple times before the shoot. I can go forward, but only counter clockwise. I practiced at a one way rink.
AF: So you are going to say, wait, we have to flip this scene so I can skate in the one direction.
K: Yes. I am not an ambidextrous roller skater.
AF: Are you going to have sex on skates?
K: I don’t know if I personally do. But I have seen two girls do it already. I walked in on one today, and one yesterday. That’s what I wake up to these days.
AF: So what did you see when you walked in?
K: Yesterday when I came in, the first thing I saw was white roller skates up in the air and hidden beneath them was Sunny Lane, and she was working with Mick Blue.
AF: Well Sunny was a major ice skater, so she must be really good on roller skates.
K: It was cool because during the dialog part she just jumped off the bed, she did a tumble off the bed and landed gracefully on her skates. I bet she can go clockwise too.
AF: I bet she can. Who is your scene with?
K: Well I did one yesterday with Bree (Olson). I was skate free in that one.
AF: She’s gorgeous.
K: She’s fun. I’ve done more girl/girl stuff with her then anyone else.
AF: Oh that must be just terrible for you!
K: Oh, it’s horrid. Oh my God. You have to hold a gun to my head the whole time. (Laughs) Today I am working with Erik Everhard.
AF: Sounds like you are enjoying your Adam & Eve contract. How did you end up there?
K: It was a weird series of events that lead me to them. I was under contract to another company and I wasn’t happy, so I got out of contract. So through an e-mail, and a contact I talked to Adam & Eve and they did a couple test shoots. And they signed me. My contract has been effective since January 1st. And I love it.
AF: Adam & Eve is a great company. They really care about everyone, from their contract girls, to their fans, to the press.
K: They treat their girls as individuals. Everything is reliable, comfortable, wonderful, clean. I love the company. Plus they want input from their girls, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. They call and ask what kind of stuff I want to do, who I want to work with even down to the makeup artists and directors. It’s a really cool situation. They want to fly me to North Carolina to their headquarters to meet everyone that works there.
AF: You are flying here in April for the convention, right?
K: Yes to Exxxotica Miami.
AF: You are going to be on the Xcitement’s Adult Fun convention issue.
K: That is so cool. Thank you! I’m excited about that.
AF: You’re welcome. So you can sign this cover for all your fans at the convention.
K: I love that!
AF: So where were you born and raised?
K: Sacramento, California. I only moved out of there a year ago to live in San Diego.
AF: What is your favorite place in the country?
K: I adore Hawaii.
AF: That would be my answer too. I would live in Hawaii.
K: Me too. I was trying to figure out how I could make it work.
AF: Just do about five years successfully in porn and save your money and then you can just fly from Hawaii to LA once every couple months for shoots. It’s not so bad to fly from LA to Hawaii, but from Florida it was terrible. It took fifteen hours start to finish with layovers. I would love to go again, but it would have to be first class. Were you popular in high school?
K: I was the book nerd. I still am. Big time. I was actually sitting and reading today before I came to set.
AF: What were you reading?
K: I was reading Kiplinger’s magazine, but I am in the middle of a couple books too. A friend gave me a Norm Chomsky book, and it’s not my political views, but it is interesting reading. I just finished The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Have you heard of that?
AF: Yes, I have that.
K: I just went through my anti-religion phase. I read Letter to Christian Nation, God is Not Great.
AF: What did you think of those?
K: I loved them. I ate them up and looked for more. I also have a book that is a collection of Atheistic writers called “Everything you know about God is Wrong”, I didn’t finish that one yet. Have you heard of that one?
AF: Yes. I think we have all of those. My husband has read them all. I guess he is in his anti-religion phase also. (Laughs)
K: It’s been economics, political science and those books that I have been reading lately.
AF: So you are a smart girl disguised as a porn star.
K: (Laughs) I’m incognito.
AF: So in real life do you wear glasses?
K: I have since I was in third grade. But I got laser surgery last year.
AF: I’m looking at a picture of you right now and you are adorable, but I can see you with your hair up and little black-rimmed glasses.
K: Yes I used to have those. I have been wearing contacts for the last couple years, but I had glasses forever.
AF: So you have beauty and brains.
K: And glasses.
AF: And glasses. So tell me what is the hottest sex you have ever had?
K: There isn’t one time that stands out, there are a few. The hottest have been unusual situations. I was dating a guy in Florida and he had a truck with a cool bench seat, and I was able to ride him while he drove. That was fun.
AF: I hope he wasn’t driving on I95!
K: It was a highway, but up in Northern Florida.
AF: Facing him?
K: Yes.
AF: So you were riding, and he was driving…
K: (Laughs) Yeah. That was one. Just recently I was at an industry party and I was wearing a dress with no panties. The guy that I had gone there with, I was standing in front of him, and he just kind of slipped it in. And we were in the middle of a night club. And the problem with this, it’s okay because it’s really dark in there and no one can tell what is going on, but right at that time, the press came up and started taking pictures of me.
AF: Oh, oops!
K: So all these flashes are going off and I’m trying to figure out how to gracefully get out of this, without making it obvious what’s happening.
AF: I’d like to see some of those pictures to see what they actually got.
K: I don’t even want to know what they look like, oh my God…
AF: Well if they were from the front it’s okay. But if they were from the side, and you could see your dress up….
K: I hope they weren’t published.
AF: Right now every photographer that was at that party is going back through their pictures hoping they got something.
K: Uh, it was an accident guys.
AF: It just slipped in there accidentally.
K: Exactly, I wasn’t even paying attention!
AF: Wow, now that I know that about you, please come right over. You are easy Kayden! What is the weirdest place you had sex.
K: I don’t know if any of them was weird.
AF: A lot of people tell me Disney Land or World.
K: I would totally do that. I haven’t yet.
AF: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
K: I am looking forward to eventually doing a boy/boy/girl thing. That’s down the line. I’m holding out. I’m doing girl/girl and boy/girl, but right now boy/boy/girl I don’t do.
AF: Who do you have in mind for that scene?
K: Originally I really wanted Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean. I wanted that combination. But Jean is no longer in the industry. He is doing some mainstream modeling now. That was my magic duo at the time. But now I have to find a new magic duo.
AF: Tommy Gunn for sure. I would pick Dale Dabone for the other half of my combination. I don’t know if he is working in the industry anymore. Dale is a gorgeous pretty boy, and Tommy is the hot tough guy. I think those two would be a great combination.
K: I see why you would want that. I get it.
AF: Do you see yourself writing and directing?
K: I don’t think at this point I could take over any projects, but down the line I’d be interested.
AF: So you have had sex with Bree. How about the other A & E contract girl Ava Rose?
K: I haven’t had sex with Ava yet.
AF: So you have that to look forward too.
K: Exactly.
AF: Do you watch your own movies?
K: I watched my first one. And I saw part of my second one. I only have five shot and they aren’t all out yet. That’s all I’ve watched so far.
AF: You are going to have to watch them all because the fans are going to come up to you and ask you about all the details.
K: And I don’t want to say “I don’t know what you are talking about!”
AF: Who do you think are the hottest porn stars, besides Tommy and Jean?
K: Nick Manning, Erik Everhard, Charles Darra, he was the Playgirl man of the year last year.
AF: What about girls besides Bree?
K: There are a number of pretty girls. There are a lot of really hot girls in this industry. Ava, obviously, she is known for her face. She has a gorgeous face. Most of the Penthouse girls, The Vivid girls…..
AF: I think you would look hot with an Asian girl or an ethnic girl.
K: I worked with Jada Fire once. She was high energy. I was scared. It was my third scene ever.
AF: Do you like being dominant or submissive?
K: Dominant with a girl. Submissive with a guy.
AF: So how did you do with Jada Fire?
K: I didn’t win. I lost.
AF: Kylie Ireland is another one you would look great with but she is really dominant.
K: I never worked with her, but she was on my first set I remember. She’s hardcore. She worked with Manuel Ferrara and I heard her from the other room doing her scene. As part of my story I have to look in the window and see it. I looked in the window and I know how big he is and he was balls deep in her ass and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. And mind you I had only ever seen one other porn scene being filmed, one in my life.
AF: That must of scared you! I think opposites would look good with you, like Audrey Hollander.
K: She is beautiful. So is Natalia Cruz, she is one of the hottest ones in the industry. Oh she goes by Sophia Santi now. She is so exotic looking. She is so freaking hot.
AF: That’s the kind of girls you would look hot with, because you are such an all American looking girl.
K: I did a girl/girl scene with her for Suze Randall. She really gets into it. She’s not phooffy about it. She was a lot of fun to work with.
AF: She’s not phooffy! (Laughs) I have no idea how to spell that. What are the best and the worst things about the industry?
K: The best is definitely the sex. It’s fun. The worst is waiting like today. I know I will be having sex eventually.
AF: You should read sexy books on the set. Then you will be ready and waiting. Do you do feature dancing?
K: I have done it four times so far I think. I really enjoy it. I will be doing more of it. I have a Batman costume that is really cool.
AF: What do you do on your day off?
K: I go to the gym, or do school work, or play with my horses, or run errands.
AF: How many horses do you have?
K: I have a grey stallion and a mini horse. I board them because I am gone so much.
AF: What school work?
K: I am a perpetual student. I am technically a psychology major, but I have finished all my psychology course work. I still have foreign language to do before I get my degree. Right now I am taking economics and political science.
AF: Do you collect anything?
K: Books. I have stacks and stacks of them.
AF: Message for your fans?
K: Check me out on my myspace page. /Kayden Kross. My site will, but it’s under construction right now.

TV- don’t watch it
Movie- Juno
Candy- Twix, Milky Way, any dark chocolate
Snack- Fruit
Fast food- I don’t eat it
Ice cream- Mint chocolate chip
Color- I like color schemes, chocolate brown and white
Drink-Vanilla vodka and diet coke, it’s called a Skinny Bitch
Hobby- Horseback riding
Song- Anything by the White Stripes
Ideal guy & girl- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


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