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Kayden Kross Represents! on Stossel

Kayden Kross will appear on the FOX Business show “Stossel” to discuss the recent hot button topic of government forcing itself in the adult sector and seemingly into Americans’ bedrooms. The show’s subject for the evening is “Budget Insanity” & includes such guests as Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney & Ashley Webster, Rich Benjamin, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), President of CURE Star Parker, American Enterprise Institute’s Arthur Brooks & former prosecutor Wendy Murphy.

“Kayden’s appearance on FOX News is an opportunity for the public to see that performers, like Kayden, are capable of making up their own mind, as well as speaking articulately on serious topics,” said FSC Membership Director Joanne Cachapero. “Going up against a debater like attorney and former Harvard professor Wendy Murphy isn’t an easy task – but Kayden handled it with her insight and positive attitude about being in the adult industry. We’ve had a lot of publicity around the condom issue. I can’t wait to see the show when it airs tonight.”

Stossel reports on the absurdity of government. The busybodies can’t seem to find any real cuts, and yet they want to pay for “porn police”  to force adult film actors to wear condoms.  Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy defends the law, but Digital Playground contract star Kayden Kross tells Stossel why this violates her freedom.

Stossel airs this Thursday at 10pm ET on the FOX Business Network.  Re-airing Saturday and Sunday at 9pm and midnight ET.

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