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Kayden Kross’s real name is…

not going to be reported on this site, until it is common knowledge.

Although her first name, Kim or Kimberly is already out there on other sites ( like AdultFYI), her last name isn’t. Many of us know what it is, but I don’t want to be responsible for it being out there to the general population.

Kayden is accused of crimes. But included in the ” innocent until proven guilty”, to me,  includes protecting her identity and her safety.

Any of you in the adult industry that use pseudonyms can imagine if EVERYONE ( fans and haters alike) had your real name. An uncommon last name ( like Kayden’s)  would allow them to find out what property you owned, where you lived, to see your credit report ( which gives a scary amount of info), your tax records, and enable them to find your family members ( with the same last name).

I don’t want LIB responsible for any of that happening to Kayden, or any adult personality. So for now, no last names guys, sorry.

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