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Kayden- What are you Thinking???

Only a rumor so far but… Rumor has it that Kayden Kross has signed with Digital Playground as their newest contract girl. Problem is that Kayden is still Adam & Eve’s contract girl until December 31.

So good ole DP made their move before the divorce was final if you get my drift.

I said in my other post about Kayden, that I thought she was a smart girl. I still believe that, so I am guessing that DP offered her A LOT  of money.

There is also the rumor that Kayden doesn’t like Bree Olson ( another A&E’s contract girl) at all, so I am sure that would be a very uncomfortable situation. Bad enough to be around someone you don’t like, but even tougher to have to do sex scenes with them.
In any case, I wish Kayden the best in whatever she does, even if I don’t agree with it.

I wish A & E the best with their new contract girl Alexis Ford ( who is absolutely stunning btw, I just got some new pics of her)]

And on  another Kayden topic…  here’s a note I got from a reader several days ago (and let me just say that I don’t agree with the reader’s opinion)     “Kayden Kross left Adultcon and went to Louisiana with Mike Moz, Stormy’s husband.  Is there no lengths this girl won’t go to? I sent this to Mike South but I somehow don’t think he will run it.”

So I checked their tweets and it’s pretty easy to figure out the readers was right, at least about the trip to Louisiana….

Kayden_Kross writes-Flew back from New Orleans to make class today….   7:12 PM Nov 9th from web

MikeMoz writes-Great game at the Super Dome. It’s our last night on Rue Bourbon…”Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez”
9:36 PM Nov 8th from web

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