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Kaylani Lei, Chelsie Rae, LaTia Lopez & Kitty Lee on Body Shots: Uncensored on

Sportswami emails:

This week the show is going to be featuring some women whom want more than just movies. Some of them want their own distribution companies, their own websites and some even want their own private business. Its a wild and woolly two hours on KSEX presents Body Shots: Uncensored this Friday with two hours of sex and controversy.  This week’s line up features;
-Wicked Pictures contract star Kaylani Lei ( makes a long awaited appearance to chat about everything and anything in her life. From her new web-site and its development, past love lifes with mainstream celebrities, her personality out of the industry, and her plans for the future with Wicked Pictures.
-Returning from a sabbatical, Kitty Lee returns to the show with a lof of new things on her plate. From her reason to getting back into the business, the sweeping changes she saw when she came back, and her reason for leaving in the first place.
-Hardcore adult super star Chelsie Rae ( makes her radio debut to talk about her new movies and much more. Among the topics will be her college course load, her new movie’s coming out, being nasty and perverse in front of the camera and off the camera, plus her love life and how she balances love and work.
-GENT model and adult starlet LaTia Lopez drops in to give a preview of her new lay-out for GENT magazine coming out soon. Plus she plans to shed some light on her motto for living, her real estate career, playing professional poker, and what her plans for the future are.
Don’t forget to check out he shows that are heating up the air waves on this week’s Body Shots: Uncensored only on Monda y August 6th, 6 p.m. ET/ 3 p.m. PT.

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