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KB: Pure Vanilla Done? The Last Days of David Hans Schmidt

Gene Ross writes:

Ostensibly competitors, Kevin Blatt didn’t sound like he was too broken up by the death of celebrity porn tape broker David Hans Schmidt last week. Schmidt, who was accused of trying to extort money from Tom Cruise, apparently committed suicide.

I spoke to Blatt just as he got back from San Francisco. Blatt’s taking a job with Game Link, having left Pure Vanilla. Blatt claims Pure Vanilla owes him $6500 but doubts he’ll ever see it.

“They’re going out of business,” says Blatt. “That’s why I kind of left – I didn’t see any positive signs.”

Blatt also attended the recent industry anti-piracy meeting and came away with a few thoughts.

“That’s the first time a lot of people in the adult industry – producer wise- got to see how big of an epidemic this is,” he says.

“It was the first time that a lot of people- who are primary content producers- got to hear from Internet people just how big of an epidemic this is and how much their business is going to change in the next year. It’s come down to this: if these studios haven’t prepared anything for the web, they’re in trouble. It’s a very unique situation we find ourselves in these days.”

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