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Keira Kensley on HIV & Girls who sleep with anyone…

Been a busy couple of months for me so trying to keep updated as much as I can, although you know how that can go *rolls eyes*

I have had a lot of fan mail for my safety with the concern over the recent HIV news in the industry. Thanks to all of you that wanted to make sure I am safe and sound!! I have tested Neg, everytime for anything(HIV and various STD/Hep test). And I am proud to say I have never had any STD EVER! Mostly due to the fact I am diligent in my work and ONLY work with the very best talent the industry has to offer! I also DO NOT stray outside the industry to untested males.

Yes, I know some of you hold onto the fantasy that I will come meet you and just fuck you on the spot, but my close friends know I don’t operate like that. Actually pisses me off to no end that girls, who are working in industry will go to parties or events and sleep with anyone they feel like, catch something, and bring it IN INDUSTRY.

For God’s sake industry hookers… USE CONDOMS! That also goes for all of you out there having unprotected sex. If anything comes from this scare it should be the wake-up call you get that you should always use a condom for sex.
Remember back in the day the ad “Crack kills” ?


Also once something like this is out and getting all sorts of sources reporting on it .. it starts to be like the telephone game! Till when it reaches the end pretty much the whole state of California is dead from AIDS! You get my drift I think.

AIM is a very good at what they do; test and educate! AIM has changed so many things in the industry for the better. Dr. Sharon Mitchell is a wonder woman when it comes to making sure people/performers are EDUCATED first and foremost. Then offer a wide range of services including testing. I think they are getting a bit of a bum rap to the rumor mill at the moment, but they will get the information out there that needs to be and continue to protect and educate.

Unfortunately, AIM has no real power to control people within the industry, so when a performer decides to disregard their recommendations, or circumvent the system, AIM has no real enforcement power. Beyond that, they are forced to operate in an industry that doesn’t do the most to protect itself (upwards of 80% of heterosexual porn shoots do not have the option to use condoms), though they do the best they can to provide help and support in a difficult environment.

Where the industry will find change is through the companies that produce it. Already the top companies on the heterosexual side of things require an AIM test and buy into the AIM database to verify a clean test (as opposed to somebody showing up saying they’re Suzie and having a random piece of paper saying they’re clean). It is the companies that have to disallow work on a positive test, AIM cannot tell a performer that they can’t work, it is not a regulatory institution.

Unfortunately still, too many companies in the industry look at talent as disposable (females especially, who rarely get to shoot more than once for a specific company), and several unscrupulous companies look at only revenue and income, and not performer safety. Thankfully I have always been able to avoid these companies due to support from the better agencies and companies in the industry, as well as my own diligence.
I thank all my fans again for the support and concern. During the last HIV outbreak in adult entertainment, the industry used the experience to grow and learn (choosing to virtually eliminate filming outside the United States). I can only hope that the industry and the public use the news of this more recent situation to grow and better themselves as well.

Love ya!
-Keira Kensley

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