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Kelli Responds Regarding Mallcom

NL- Thank you Kelli. I feel much better about this now. I am SURE that when the owner sees what is on that site he will pull the affiliate account.

Kelli Says:
I just spoke with the owner of Mallcom and I can assure you that he had no idea whatsoever who this person was, nor what kind of site they were running. He doesn’t keep up with those kind of things.

And he doesn’t personally sit around and check out every site that applies for an affiliate account. However he said he will look into the affiliate manager that approved this account in the first place. “Clearly they need a talking to.”

After my discussion with him he said it appears that the PWL site is in violation of their established terms of service he will look into having the affiliate account cancelled.

In addition he wanted me to remind you guys that anyone who knows how to type and fill out a form online can request an affiliate account with them, as they’ve been running an affiliate program since 1996, so anyone can request an account. This does not however mean they as a company endorses the site that their banners appear on …. to say that they do is just asinine.

It’s like saying every person in he world who has ever promoted a Monica Foster movie, she personally endorses because they promoted her movie.

Anyway, while any person can request an affiliate account, when situations like this arise, the terms of service are upheld and if a company is doing anything illegal or shady, those accounts are simply cancelled.

For someone like Monica Foster to say what she has about Mallcom could be considered libel and slanderous and her comments and posts have been submitted for review to their legal department.

To be clear they are aware of the drama that Monica Foster likes to dig up and they will not respond to her publicly. If in the future she wishes to continue her behavior they will just let legal handle it.

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