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Kelly Caramel Interview

April 19, 2007:

Star World Modeling Video: 18yo Kelly Caramel Can’t Wait  Kelly Caramel Meets Rob Spallone Kelly, Rob  Kelly Caramel Interview

Stills: Kelly Caramel Kelly Caramel Kelly Caramel Kelly Caramel, Kandi Hart, Lea Kelly Caramel Kelly Caramel Kelly Caramel

Just 18 (on June 21), she’s done five scenes. She lost her virginity at 13.

Kelly smokes a cigarette while she talks to me. “I’ve already taped myself at home. It’s nothing new coming to the set and filming.”

“One of the things I hate is the comments I get from people on the streets. They take it not just as an occupation but that I’m a slut, a whore.”

“It took about a week [from the time she did her first scene last month until she was found out].”

Kelly lives near Western Blvd and 96th. “The guys love it.”

She complains that people treat her differently once they know she does porn.

“I’m launching my own porn production company.”

She also works as a stripper.

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