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Kelly Klass Burned While Shooting a Scene- Pics of Injury

I’ve been talking to Kelly Klass. She was injured on a set. She didn’t want it out. She was keeping it to herself. Someone emailed a little blurb about it. So now that part of the story is out, she has decided to reveal the details. We talked back and forth on Twitter and email, so part of this is Kelly’s explanation to me, and part is answers to questions I asked her. There are also pictures of her injury…

The day it happened

Day 20


Burn today


Can you tell me what happened to you?
On June 8, 2011 I was hired by director Johnny Thrust aka **********  to shoot a boy/girl scene for Prior to the scene, during pretty girl stills, I was positioned in front of an older van. When Thrust was positioning me for stills, my left ankle rubbed against the side tail pipe of the van, resulting in a medium sized burn. At the time, we were in the mountains of Simi Valley.

I requested some kind of assistance, even a bottled water to pour onto the burn. Nothing was readily available. They told me the burn did not look bad, I should finish the scene (or not get paid, even a kill fee) and they would take me to get medical attention following.

The scene was completed.  I was expecting to get medical attention, instead I was taken to Porno Dan’s studio for a first aid kit. I immediately requested to be taken home, as i merely consider this the proper medical attention necessary.

At that point, I went to a doctor on my own. Within 2 hours, the top layer of skin had started to bubble and bleed. If I had waited, I would have ran the risk of being exposed to bacterial infections, including the set, van, and studios where I was taken to following the injury.

My burn was second degree in severity and took a total of 6 weeks to fully heal. At that point, I was allowed to shoot 1 scene, at day 35 of my healing process. I suffered the loss of MANY shoots due to this injury. My agent at time of booking (type9) tried to communicate with Brazzers and Johnny Thrust, as well as myself, to no avail, almost 3 months later.

I still have a scar, which I currently am receiving laser therapy and skin grafts for, to minimalize the scars and such. I have an all natural body, girl next door look. I have 1 tattoo and had 0 scars, until now. All I asked for was assistance in the treatment and loss of work. I now have an attorney, and will proceed accordingly.

Who drove/owned the van?  The van is owned by David Lord and was driven by his assistant, Crash.

How did you bump your leg on the tail pipe? I got burnt when Johnny thrust was positioning me for pretty girls and I rubbed up against it.

What reaction did you have when you got hurt? I immediately said “ow! Omgosh I’m burnt my leg!” then I immediately said I needed water or something.

What reaction did those around you have? Johnny said it didn’t look bad, it would take too long to drive back down to “the city” and wouldn’t be able to finish the scene. He said I wouldn’t be paid my rate nor a kill fee. The male talent could tell the severity of the burn, and since it was a POV type scene, he shot quickly so I seek attention immediately.

What did the doctor say when he saw the burn? The doctor said the burn was a second degree burn. I was treated with antibiotics and silvadine dressing changes every day. It took 6 weeks for the burn to fully heal.

Do you have medical insurance?  I do have medical insurance, however, it does not cover work related injuries.

How much has all this cost you for Medical treatment? In lost work?  I have ready been out thousands in medical expenses. I lost over $10,000 in work when I was off. The laser and skin graft treatment will exceed $15,000.

How are you paying your bills? I am now able to shoot while not receiving treatment.

Who do you feel is responsible for helping with these bills? What movie company/site was Thrust shooting for? I believe both Brazzers and Johnny Thrust should cover medical expenses, lost wages, and all effected due to this injury. I was shooting for

What about liability insurance for the shoot? Johnny thrust has no liability insurance,

Car insurance on the van?  I have not received any response regarding the van being insured.

I will post about this on my site. Thank you for letting me know what happened, and I am so sorry about your injury.

Thank you. I appreciate it! Please let people know, if this matter had been dealt with the right way, originally, I wouldn’t make a fuss. To this day, I have yet to publicly say anything about it. Instead, I’m questioned constantly on sets by directors because Johnny calls me things such as “crazy” and that I’m suing him, even then, I smile, and keep quiet. I don’t know who posted about it on Mike South’s site, but since it has been made public, I feel the truth needs to be told and photos need to be shown. I’ve heard great things about you and your site from a dear friend . I appreciate you taking the time to listen :-).

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