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Kelly Klass Interview


by Jon Tribb of

Kelly Klass is a girl to watch out for. She’s only been in the industry a short while but she’s proved she’s game for anything and does it really well.

1 Which of these places do you prefer the most and why? Washington DC, Oklahoma ,Texas and LA.

    I was born in DC, but I don’t remember. I love the small town life of Oklahoma, but LA is amazing and I could never leave!

2 How did you discover porn and what was it that attracted you to it?
    First porn I ever saw was with Lexi Belle. I immediately had a huge crush, and I have always been a sexual person. So, I wanted to explore my sexuality and had fun doing it

3 What would your stage name be if you took the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on?

    Pebbles Main

4 What do you like about gonzo and are you planning to get more extreme or are there limits?

    I love gonzo because it is more realistic vs acting in features. I love both, but gonzo lets you be more of yourself rather than a character you portray. I do everything, but not really into bondage or anything like that.

5 Can you squirt in real life? Have you managed to squirt during a scene yet?

    I have squirted twice in my life time. Once in my personal life and once in a scene with Nacho Vidal for “Wasted”

6 Molly Cavali took your lesbian virginity with the aid of a strap on. What do you remember about shooting the scene? 

    I had always had a crush on Molly once I discovered who she was. It was definitely a dream come true to work with her. She was lots of fun, but very sweet. I had a blast!

7 Have you any other girl girl projects coming up? I believe Girlfriends Films was mentioned.

    I have various shoots coming up for different companies, but nothing planned for GFF. I’d love to work with them though!

8 If you had to learn a script for a scene would you like to do this or would you prefer to just cut straight to the sex?
    Yes, I love scripts as well. Always good to change things up a bit!

9 You’ve done some foot fetish work. Are there any other fetishes you’d like to try and if so why?

    Not really ?

10 What’s the best and the worst experiences you’ve had on photo shoots?

    I haven’t had a worst, because I always try to look for positive. The best was working with Josh Ryan. He’s a legend and I had the opportunity to shoot with him for a day. He was so fun to work with and captured some beautiful photos of me.

11 How are your plans going to do feature dancing?

    It is something I am looking into in the near future.

12 When will your site be ready?

    That is also another project in the works, but I hope by the end of the year,

13 What’s your favourite sex toy and why?

    Lelo, because I can come multiple times and never get sore! The orgasms get intense every time!

14 You’ve said your best feature is your ass. What physical feature of other women do you really like and why?

    Lips, eyes, smile, and ass. Can’t just choose one. Women are beautiful.

15 Why did you choose a dragonfly as a tatoo? Would you like to have more?

    No plans to get any in the future. I was young and just liked the dragonfly at the time

16 How are you enjoying being a mum?

    Being a mother is the best job I could ever ask for!

17 Can you tell us about your pets? I believe you have 15 dogs in Oklahoma.

    I have 8 dogs in Oklahoma, All dachshunds. I miss them, but hope to bring some to LA soon. I also have 2 cats.

18 What are you planning to do on your birthday on February 10th?

    Enjoying time with my family and a vacation to Hawaii.

19 What is it you like about being on twitter?

    I love interacting with fans and also other industry people. Love posting sexy pics and looking at them too!

20 What advice would you give girls who want to go into the adult industry?

    Get a good agent, be smart, save your money!!!

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