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Kelly Shore- It’s Time for a Change :)

Kelly Shore Writes in answer to comments-

I consider myself a bisexual, because I am bisexual. I date men only, but have sex with females. I will have a regular ceremony just like pornfan said. I am planning on more facial surgeries to disguise my look after I officially leave the porn world which will be shortly after the AVN’s and a name change since I used my legal name. To lead a more quiet life.

I have accomplished what I wanted here….that being money for surgeries. I never intended on long term. Thanks for the real congratulations! And thank you Cindy! I have always respected you and even your board members. Why? Because they make me laugh. Especially that one that goes on and on and on about transsexuals. It’s so entertaining. I know I don’t post a lot, but I do read. So I guess I’m a LIB voyeur.

And wow thanks for the compliments so sweet!


I will not get married in a church though, because I am an atheist as well as my fiance. And my fiance is far from a PIMP he is in his last year of law school and a professional at an up and coming business. I don’t date druggies and losers. I tried not to have sex with those types either on film or in real life. Let me BE Clear I am not stating ChristianX is I just never did a scene with him, because in the beginning of my career we had a huge fight, because he thought I was putting him on my blacklist, but since then we went out to dinner and he seemed to be a great guy that is misunderstood. And also I quit doing hardcore scenes 8 months ago. I wish him all the success in the biz and in his personal life. I don’t want to take part in a Christian Debate, I did that the other night with Cindy and him I shouldn’t of put my nose in it. lol

Sweet Kisses,


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