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Kelly Shore on Christian X

Kelly Shore writes a long blog about what is going on with her. You can read the whole thing here.

But here is a little grab from it about all my readers favorite subject (lol), Christian X


….My life hasn’t really changed besides loads of traveling and shopping a lot more for costumes lol I also have gotten drama from Christian X but from what I am told that is to be expected. I do feel pity for him how he is so warped in his mind that he thinks he is a superstar on the level of Brad Pitt or something. I stand by what I said I think he is a big baby or child. I don’t agree that he needs everything in his life to be talked about, but I would say he needs a lessons in human decensy and manners! He is supposed to be southern, he sure doesn’t show it. He has fabricated lies about me, since my story about his attitude was posted on adultfyi. Saying I wear a wig, darling I have hair long hair at that, I wear extensions time to time, but who doesn’t. I would worry about the lack of hair you don’t have on top of your head! There were other things he has said, but I am not too concerned with Mr. Clean anymore. Other than that porn hasn’t really affected my life in any bad way at all. In my relationships or my relationship. I think it gets a bad rap cause of middle america, not from the real people at hand that do it…..

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