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Kelly Shore tells us how to respectfully treat a T/S

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 from her blog

I’m a nice girl but this needs to be reposted!   
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So I wrote this a long time ago before I was in the industry, but it seems more than ever am I getting this. It gets on my last nerve, and if you notice a lot of times I don’t even respond! So please take this into account before you message me! It also has other things that annoy me about my ts community.

1. Why did you “decide” to become a girl? ANSWER: I didn’t decide what a stupid ass question, it’s how I feel. Do you think at the age of twelve I had the gumption or smarts to “decide” such a life changing decision. wasn’t a want, it wasn’t a desire…it was a NEED. A need to be ME. I was always ME. Simple ANSWER why do you feel as a man? YOU JUST DO you don’t think about it. YOU JUST KNOW. SAME WITH A TRANSEXUAL!! There is no HIDDEN ASPECT TO IT.

2. Dumb questions about transexuals or what fucktards call shemales or chicks with dicks. IF YOU ARE SO INTERESTED in TRANSEXUALS do some research on it and MAYBE your dumb ass wouldn’t offend the transexual you are speaking to.


4. People that can’t look past the fact of being a transexual. They will always treat you as one, rather than a woman. YES FINE you have the oppisite sex organ than what you live as. SO WHAT!! So what if you get it sucked so what if you don’t So what if you fuck with it so what if you don’t. It doesn’t make you any less or more of your NEEDED GENDER. WE LIKE TO BE TREATED AS WOMEN if you are MTF and we like to be treated as MEN if we are FTM.

5. GIRLS THAT ARE FARTHER IN THE TRANSITION that think they are all that. And a beginning girl gets hated on by them. The only reason these girls are hating on these beginners is cause they are still INSECURE no matter how much surgery they’ve gotten to appear their NEEDED GENDER I see this go on in chatrooms and other places all the time, and it ANNOYS THE PISS OUT OF ME.

6. TRANSEXUALS THAT CALL MEN FAGS ETC because they enjoy anal sex etc SEX DOESN’T MAKE THEM WHO THEY ARE it’s their personality GIRLS and whats in their hearts and BRAINS. ISN”T THIS WHAT YOU PREACH why you want to be TREATED THE WAY YOU SHOULD as a FEMALE!!??!! STOP BEING HYPOCRITES.

7. Older transexuals that hate on the younger transexuals cause they look the way they want to look. ANOTHER THING I SEE THAT HAPPENS. There are plastic surgeons if you aren’t happy then fix it. Don’t hate on someone else. You should be stable enough to afford plastic surgery if you are older, and if you aren’t go to school and get the things you need to do so. It’s never too late to go back to school.

8. Transexuals against Gays and Lesbians and vice versa! It annoys me! Transexuals against the LGBT, omg this annoys me A LOT..if you don’t feel they speak well enough for the COMMUNITY..STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT..AND GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE TO THE MEETINGS IN YOUR CITY OR TOWN AND PUT YOUR TWO CENTS IN. JOIN IT HELL I DID IT HELPS YOU GET YOUR VIEWS AND THOUGHTS OUT TO THE COMMUNITY. But sitting there complaining about it and saying oh they SUCK when you aren’t doing anything to THEATE AND EDUCATE isn’t going to change anything or make YOU ANY BETTER.

9. Are those men that just keep saying
You’re Hot
No realy you’re hot
Okay thank you
and then they keep going and going until finally you are like STFU this isn’t convo ASSHAT
What they want you to respond with is omg he thinks Im hot now I’ll get on all fours and I’ll let you fuck me. SORRY FELLAS BUT I’M NOT THAT DESPERATE lol

10. I have always found it rather rude to instant message someone out of the blue without first asking. Even in Chatrooms, I ask in open chat, before private messaging. I have explained this many times over to people, and they never seem to get it. If you get my name on here or on myspace or wherever else my name is advertised on. Send me a quick message ON HERE FIRST or on myspace. I like to know who is messaging me. So I don’t have to go “Who is this?” cause it makes me come across as a BITCH when I’m not. So please if I haven’t invited you to PRIVATE MESSAGE ME or I.M. me then DON’T DO IT!

11. Men that I allow to message me, and then assume I’m going to have cyber sex with them. THIS IS A DEFINITE NO! If thats what you want go to iFriends or Niteflirt and pay one of the girls on there. I will also take donations lol. I utilize my Messengers mostly for business or to talk with old friends. Yes I appreciate the compliments and what not, however you can send that in a message on HERE or in a comment. I will also not jump on webcam for you!

12. Men that think because they talked to me a few times and I seem to like them, that the above message will alter.

13. MEN that think because you have a certain expecation in a man or standard of what you want that you are SHALLOW. I’m sorry, but I refuse to let go of my standards on what I am attracted to and expect for me. I don’t play the Because I’m a TRANSEXUAL I have to lower myself or I can’t do this BECAUSE I’m a transexual. I get this mostly from older men, and to those men. It’s just me personally I am not wanting to date someone older, I want a man my age. I know the rebuttle is, oh but I could give you security or I know myself better than a younger guy does etc etc etc. But sweety, if I dated an older guy it would be out of desperation to have someone in my life and for security/money. That to me isn’t LOVE. And I’d hope you wouldn’t want that for yourself. Not to mention the older gentleman can be just as BAD if not worse as a younger guy. Girls let it be known it’s not BAD to have standards for yourself. Don’t lower your standards, because of a few bad apples in your life. Be true to your heart and have respect for yourself. And by this I mean, I think a lot of girls will demean themselves or out of desperation stay in crappy relationships and be treated like shit, because they find a good looking guy and don’t think they CAN DO ANY BETTER. Sweety you can, it will just take patience and knowing you CAN find him. And getting over the whole TRANSEXUAL BIT. Sweety young guys as well as older guys do this to not only transexuals, but woman too. It’s not every guy, it’s just that particular guy. Make that man WORK for you, he’ll respect you in the END, and if he don’t move on someone else WILL!

14. People that assume WAY too much what a person is about, because of their job or lifestyle. It’s disgusting, take the time to know the person before you judge!

15. Talking to me online a few times and telling people we are friends or you know me well! Omg I get this one a lot. This is a big no no in my book.
Complaints from the industry aspect: NEW
1. DON’T send me hate mail if I don’t respond to your email on here. I definitely wont respond then. I do however try to read every message, but there is only so many hours in one day. As I have stated previously I talk more on my forum the free one. if ou want to chit chat do so there!

2. DON’T try out for my website just to get my reaction on your pics and for the hope for us to chat it up sexually. When you try out for the website I take it as if you are seriously wanting to be on. So when you come back and say I just wanted to see what you thought of my pics it annoys the piss out of me!

3. DON’T assume I know other girls life stories or ask me 100 questions about her because you see me in a pic with her. If you want to know about her, message her yourself they most likely have a  myspace of their own or website.

4. DON’T be offended if I haven’t sent out autograph pics yet or signed a dvd you have. I have not yet taken new promo pics to do so or signed up for a fanbox mail account. As much as I love you all, I am not comfortable sharing my pesonal address.

5. DON’T be afraid to tell me what you want to see me in as far as clothes, what scenes you would like to see me do, what you would like me to say in a film and so on and so forth. I try to be as personal as I can and try to do most of the things that are requested with in reason.

6. DON’T talk to me as if I am some huge star. Saying stuff like “you aren’t worthy” and overreacting about me makes me feel weird and makes me not sure how to respond. Just talk to me as a real person as I am still very much so!
Thats all I have now more later….I am sure!

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