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Kelly Surfer Interview- “I love girls!”


1 Can you tell us about your childhood in Australia?
 It was fun growing up in the outback. I was born in Canberra the nations capital and it definitely was a small town. I was always a very outgoing and happy child. I loved going to the beaches and enjoying the beautiful weather we have there.

2 What were some of the funniest things that happened when you were a stripper in Australia?

Oh gosh. I had some memorable moments. If some of the girls and I had big nights we either would miss our stage show times or have a heel break on stage or even worse fall of the pole if we weren’t concentrating.

3 What was the first porn you saw and what was it you liked so much about it?
I remember just watching so much porn at 16 I loved every scene I watched. Main girls that stood out to me were obviously Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks but I was just so intrigued to watch how they moved and how they performed so I could learn the right techniques,

4 How did you discover the pleasures of masturbation?
I remember just putting fingers in myself a lot and then eventually went to a sex store and purchased my first vibrator. It was a yellow banana like toy that I called “Ben”.
5  How did you choose the name Kelly Surfer?
 I always liked the name Kelly and growing up my idol was Barbie, however I have always had the girl next door type look and Barbie definitely didn’t suit me and my dancer name was Kelly and she is of course Barbie’s little sister :). Surfer was added on as I lived in place called “Surfers Paradise” in Queensland and I always liked to visit the beach everyday so it was only appropriate.

6 What can you remember about your first experience on set?
I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous about it. I didn’t sleep properly the night before and all I was thinking about was “What if I suck and it fails and I look like crap” but once your on set and get in the swing of things it just becomes very natural and you can turn out to be fearless.

7 Jayden James wrote that you’re a porn girl that actually likes girls. What can you remember about your first experience with another girl?
 I love girls! I am bisexual and appreciate beauty so when a girl really turns me on I get easily aroused and go to town.

8 What do you like about using a strap on?
Using a strap on is a different experience. I have used it on people and had it used on me. Nothing like a girl fucking you with a strap on..its really hot!

9 Some performers find machine sex uncomfortable what did you like about it?

 I love all kinds of toys. Sex machines was fun but I usually prefer to stick to regular vibrators and Hitachis for scenes.

10 You’ve been bound for a sex scene are there other fetishes you’d like to try?

I always am down to try new things so if something is thrown my way I have no hesitation to give it a go
11 What’s been your best scene so far and why?
 I loved my scene with Manuel and Diana Prince. He is an amazing performer and knows how to fuck and I got to bring out Diana’s true freak ?

12 What are some of the things you’re looking forward to doing on screen? Do you have any limits?

 I can’t wait to start doing anal and DP. I believe a true performer does everything and doesn’t hold back.

13 Can you tell us 5 companies/directors you’d like to work with and why?

Adam and Eve, Digital Playground, New Sensations, Brazzers, Wicked. I love working with top companies and make beautiful artistic and tasteful porn ?

14 Can you tell us 5 male performers you’d like to work with and why?
Manuel Ferrara, Rocco Siffredi, Keiran Lee, James Deen and Danny Mountain. These guys know how to perform and I love a good fuck ?

15 Can you tell us 5 female performers you’d like to work with and why?
Tori Black, Bree Olson, Kagney Linn Karter, Britney Amber and Lisa Ann. These ladies are beautiful to look at and amazing performers. I love working with girls who are true performers and love what they do.

16 There are at least 30 Australian women working in the industry. What do you think makes Aussie girls so popular?

It is definitely having an accent in a foreign country. Guys melt over it and so do girls. It is a big bonus to have and also we are all very friendly people so we get along with everybody.

17 Who are better in bed Australian men or Americans?
It depends. Every guy is different and I definitely know what I like so if I guy meets me halfway and we connect it doesn’t matter where he is from.

18 What do you miss most about Australia when you’re in the States?
I miss family and friends a lot and I miss how friendly people are but what I want to pursue in life is in America so I’m being a strong girl and achieving my goals ?

Where can people find you on the net?

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