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Kendra Lust Exclusive Interview

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Kendra Lust is beautiful, but that’s expected of an up and coming porn star. After receiving her nursing degree and working as a nurse for six  years, she changed her career to porn, now that is unexpected! She is also working on her Masters degree. She breaks the mold that “smart” girls don’t go into the adult industry. They do and Kendra Lust is one of the smartest, funniest, sexiest, down to earth porn stars I have talked to in a while. Having been in the business for just a year now, she has already made quite a name for herself, and as she begins her feature dancing career, her popularity will only grow. She doesn’t mind the “dirty” stuff, as a matter of fact she is looking forward to doing more of it!

The first thing I want to talk to you about is John CEN-a, is that how  you pronounce it?
John CEEE-na.
Because you were already known in the adult world, but this rumor put your name out there in mainstream circles, that you were messing around with John Cena, of WWE fame. And you want to correct that rumor.
I do. I don’t want to be one of these people who make something out of  nothing. I don’t know how the rumors got started. People are asking me
what had taken place and nothing had taken place. I have never even met  him. So it was crazy how things developed. I don’t know if random
people were bored on the internet one day.
Well it was huge! It wasn’t on just one website. It was on all the wrestling websites that you two were involved.
God don’t I wish that were true, because he is very yummy.
He is pretty hot.
He is sexy.
Well if you are going to have an untrue rumor going around about you  being hooked up with anyone, might as well be someone really hot.

You are really into wrestling aren’t you?
I do love wrestling. I do follow it.
You are a fan.
Yes I am a fan.
So who is your favorite?
Coincidently, that would be John Cena! He looks like the all American boy. He has a great body. I’ve always liked him.
He does action adventure movie too, I’ve seen them.
I’ve only seen him in the ring.
I don’t really know much about wrestling. But watching him in those movies, chases and fight scenes and when he has a love interest…
Yes that would be a little bit of foreplay for me!

Well if I had a rumor going around that had me sleeping with a really hot famous person, for me probably Jason Statham, I would go to bed at night and masturbate pretending it really did happen.
I can’t say that that’s never happened over here.

So do you talk to other WWE personalities and wrestlers?
I have one that I talk to and we flirt back and forth, but I promised I would not give out his name.
Yeah, he’s afraid of rumors!
(Laughs) Yeah right?
Have you ever gone to parties with the wrestling people where you could hang out with them?
I wish I could, that would be really cool, just to admire. I’d like to see what they are like.
Maybe we just have to let them know that you’d like to be included. They should invite you to parties, get you ring side seats, and maybe
make you a ring girl what is wrong with you guys!

Oh yeah that would be so cool. That would be an honor.

Do they have hot ring girls in WWE?
They have WWE divas. They are great to look at. They kind of have their own thing. Yes, I love the drama. I am excited for Wrestlemania that’s
coming up!
Where is Wrestlemania going to be?
It’s here in Michigan.
You are in Michigan? Oh man. It’s cold there! So is that where you were born?
Yes born and raised.
Good, because I can’t imagine being born somewhere else and moving to Michigan!
So do you live in the same area that you grew up in?
Yes about twenty miles away.

What were you like in high school?
I was a peacemaker. I liked people to get along. I played sports, basketball and softball. I was also homecoming queen. I wasn’t the
typical homecoming queen, because I was in sports. But I tried to get along with everybody and stick up for people.
What kinds of jobs did you have in high school?
I scooped ice cream. I had a job at the mall. Then when I was in college, I was an exotic dancer or a stripper whatever you want to call
it. I was in nursing school, I just did it for a couple years to pay for my last years in college.
So did you become a nurse?
Yes, I practiced as a registered nurse for about six years. Then I changed my career into doing this!
How did that happen?
I don’t know! How did this happen! (Laughs) This is something I always wanted to do, but was afraid to. So I got a little older and said fuck
it, this is what I want to do. It’s on my bucket list. So I thought I would try it and if it didn’t work out I would go back to nursing. And
if it worked out, I would keep doing it, or maybe do both.  I never thought anyone would discover me and things would work out this way.

Well Kendra, I gotta tell you, once you are on some magazine covers, I think you are discovered!
Oh boy! I think I wanted that more than anything, maybe I would get a  magazine cover or something!
Now you did. How did this job go over in your hometown?
I’m not ashamed of what I do. I am proud and comfortable with my sexuality. I’m trying to provide a better financial future for myself.
I told my family and friends. They don’t necessarily agree with what I do, but I’m the same person. Your profession doesn’t define who you are.

When you said you played softball, my first thought was LESBIANS!
(Laughs) See, all the lesbians love it when you are bending over waiting for the batter.
Where I am from lesbians were who played on the soft-ball teams. Hot tomboys in the locker room.
Yeah, all the butchy girls! I don’t discriminate, butch, girly, black,
white. I really don’t care.
As long as they are hot! Did you know you were bi-sexual in high school?
Are you kidding? I knew way before that, elementary school.
Did you have wild sex on your softball team?
No, I did experiment with some of the girls on the basketball team.
Ahh, so it wasn’t the softball team, it was the basketball team. You ruined my whole set up!
I know, dammit. Sorry. I know you wanted that from me too, I could feel  that.
No problem. So it was with the basketball girls under the bleachers.
Oh yeah.
Okay, moving on. How do you feel about the MILF category?
It is what it is. As far as porn goes, you are either in a really young  category, like the teeny boppers… But there is no label for the middle,
a twenty-seven year old is a MILF. So I guess I am okay with it.

Well it’s working for you. You are near the top in the voting for the Fanny Awards and Miss Freeones. You got an X-biz nomination.  You are
going strong.

Thanks. A lot of it is my fans are awesome. They are a lot of fun, they have a lot of personality. I am really appreciative. I am looking
forward to seeing more of them at the conventions and in my feature dancing.
When did you start doing porn?
I did my first scene in March, 2012.
So it is just a year now.
It is! It’s crazy!

How did you like meeting your fans for the first time at conventions.
I was a little nervous. Fans, I’m the same as they are. I am really  flattered that people come out to see me, and I feel honored. I am just
like everyone else, but I understand it’s because I do movies.
What is the best pick-up line that was used on you.
I wish I could remember a good one. I can remember a really bad one. I  think he was just joking. But I was gambling in Hooters in Vegas and
this guy said, “Hey Baby. Are you into fitness?” And I am kind of like  book smart, street dumb sometimes. I said yeah, I work out, and he
said, “How about fittin’ this dick in your mouth.” I kinda laughed but,  come on, can you imagine? I didn’t know what to say.
I think that’s pretty funny. Do you think that’s ever worked for him?
Ugh, no. And I have nothing against mullets, but he just wasn’t pulling  it off.
(cracking up) That’s funny. You should of said buy me something off my Amazon Wishlist and we’ll talk.
I should have said, do you know what I do for a living buddy?  You don’t know how far this mouth can stretch! I get paid to do that and I
am getting really good at it.
What is the gift a fan every bought you?
A National Geographic magazine subscription. I’m a big nerd at heart.
(Laughs) I remember when I was young, my aunt and uncle had a subscription to that and I used to look at the pictures in the
bathroom. Those were the only naked people I had ever seen.

Yes, the boobs that you could throw over your shoulder. Yeah. I love looking and learning about different cultures. And I love getting
something new every month in the mail. I am such a dork.

You are a dork. An amazing dork. Your Amazon list is really interesting too. You have all the typical stuff, but also pots and pans!
Well damn, ya know. I usually order out, but occasionally I want to cook without burning down the house!
I think that’s adorable. It shows how down to earth you are. I talked to your fans on twitter. And asked what questions they wanted me to ask you.
They are all perverts.
Yeah, they are. Love you guys, love my perverted fans. Wouldn’t want you any other way.
?The last question I got back was Ask Kendra to sit on my face and I wrote back, nope, and he wrote, then I don’t know what to ask her.
(Laughs) That’s cool.

So here are the questions from your fans. When will you do a blow bang?
I already did a blowbang for Jules Jordan.  But it’s not out yet. It’s still in production.
Then it’s a gonna be a good one. Tell me about it. Who did you blow?
I have to remember their names? I’m such a slut, aren’t I? I’m so bad when I go into my scene. I am so excited I don’t get the details. And
at the end, I can’t believe what I did at the end.
What did you do?
I can’t tell you.
What is the set-up?
I play a naughty nurse at a clinic, maybe a fertility clinic, who collects their specimens.
I can imagine how you collect them.
Yeah, it was pretty fun.

Another fan, when are you going to do interracial?
I’m love BBC. (Big Black Cock) I’m not gonna lie. It’s a career move.
You have to wait and give your fans things to look forward to. And it’s all timing, so it will be done, as to when, I don’t know.
How about anal?
I’ve only done anal in my personal life three times. I need someone to send me an anal dilator, so I can work that ass because it’s so tight.
I know that Kieran Lee wants to be your first anal guy. But his dick is huge.
I know, Ow. Kieran, can we shrink it? I am going to have to practice a lot.
It sounds to me like you would do most things. Is there anything you wouldn’t do?
I don’t think so. A DP would be no big deal, it would be hot. A gangbang would be really cool. A bukkake, I don’t know if I would do
that, but never say never. I’m pretty dirty. I don’t mind testing limits. I like to be dirty.

One of your fans would like to know, if you like it in the ear.
In the ear? I wouldn’t be opposed to that either. I’m all about pleasing the man. You want to fuck my ear? I don’t care.
I’d make him wear a condom though, I wouldn’t want my ear full of cum.
Can you imagine going to the doctor? My ear is clogged.
Oh my god. My doctor knows what I do. She is cool.

What is the best scene you’ve done in the last couple months?
I did a group sex scene that was really cool. Hot men, hot women. It was for Brazzers, a workout competition kind of thing.
Do you do fitness? (Cracks-up)
(Laughs) Yeah, right!
Where is the craziest place you have had sex?
At a wedding in a coatroom. That was fun.
Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
A gangbang!
Who do you have in mind for that?
Rachelle Star, she is amazing and sexy as hell and I want to get my hands on her.  She would be my sidekick. Guys, I’ve worked with some
great ones, Johnny Castle, Johnny Sins, Bill Bailey, Kieran Lee. There are so many great performers, it’s hard to chose. I’d like to throw
some IR performers in there too, but I don’t know which thing I am going to do first.

Sounds good! Are you feature dancing now?
My first one will be Thursday in Quebec! I’m excited.
I heard that their dollars are coins. So they have to give you fives!
That would be great!
You could put a cup on stage for them to bounce coins into. Can you imagine if they threw coins? You’d have a thousand dollars in bruises.
Yeah, I’d be down for the second show! (Laughs)

Do you collect anything?
Collect? Just laundry. I have a couple baskets that are overdue. I hate doing laundry. But no I don’t collect anything.
No knickknacks?
No, I don’t like to dust.
Do you have anything quirky about you?
Well I like National Geographic, and rap music. I’m looking to going back to school because I miss it, but when I am going I complain about
it. So I might as well just get my Master’s degree while I am doing adult. I chew my ice cream, that’s quirky.
That is. What are the best and worst things about adult?
Best-I get to have so much fun. It is the most pleasurable job in the world.  Worst-Shooting seven days in a row, because I feel sorry for
the guys who get days five, six, and seven because they don’t get to bang as hard because I get sore. And so much travel. I wish the
industry was based here!
Well perhaps there would be no mandatory condom laws in  Michigan! But I won’t get into that. Do you have a message for your fans?
You guys are the best. Thank you so so much! Can’t wait to see you in person! I’ll be at Exxxotica in Atlantic City in April!

You can book or talk to Kendra here @KendraLust is in the works

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