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Kendra Lust Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine Spotlight

Award-winning superstar Kendra Lust has become known as one of the best performers in the industry throughout her much-storied career, but her full prowess truly shines in her role as a business leader and entrepreneur, which was recently recognized in the new article, “Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips on Running Businesses and How They Became Successful,” from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Focusing on “cool” entrepreneurs, the article dissects the ways in which today’s most prolific leaders run smart, efficient and successful businesses, and what they consider the key to their success. After detailing Lust’s laundry list of accomplishments and upcoming ventures, the piece goes on to conclude, “Kendra’s entrepreneurial mindset is to maintain a love for your product but always remain objective, never let the fear of rejection hold you back, remember to revisit your vision on a daily basis, and network your way to success!”

“It is such an honor to be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine,” says Lust. “I was so proud to share my experiences and philosophy on how to achieve success, and hope I was able to impart something valuable to those just starting out. It can be a wild ride, but so long as you remain positive, fearless and work your hardest, it’s possible to make anything happen!”

The article may be read in its entirety here.

Kendra Lust

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