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Kendra Spade is Living with a Two-Faced Fiend in Pure Taboo’s Jekyll & Dad

Pure Taboo’s latest dark chapter in forbidden erotica finds Kendra Spade dealing with the dual personalities of a creepy, controlling stepfather in Jekyll & Dad, available now at

Dick Chibbles is Mr. Edwards, a conservative cop with a sinister side who lives alone with his stepdaughter Lucy. “If your mother were here, things would be different, but we all know whose fault that is, don’t we?”

When Mr. Edwards meets Lucy’s friend Emma (Aria Lee in a non-sex role), he tries to get her to stick around the house, but Lucy’s not having it. “She’s not staying for dinner, Dad.” When her friend leaves, Mr. Edwards sneers, “It’s a shame about Emma; guess it’ll be just us two tonight…”

Bree Mills, who produced and co-directed the scene (with Craven Moorehead), said that Jekyll & Dad “is a case study in conservative, nice-seeming people who bring their perversions to the surface in private.

“Kendra and Dick were perfect in their roles – the dynamic of fear, anger and hatred against the young woman’s acceptance of the situation – they both did an incredible job in conveying all those emotions onscreen.”

Find the trailer and full scene at–Dad. Go to’s official cast page to find out more about Jekyll & Dad star Kendra Spade and Dick Chibbles

 Kendra Spade and Dick Chibbles

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