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Kheper Games, Inc. Launches New Tantric Sex! Card Game

Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its newest game for adults, titled: Tantric Sex!

Tantric Sex! offers a wide variety of tantric sex skills and tactics for couples who wish to learn how to control their orgasms. The concept is that you will have more intense orgasms by using delay techniques. Fully avoiding orgasms sometimes is an option as well, that helps you feel more connected to your lover and passionate in all aspects of your life.

The game offers 100,000 possible paths to pleasure. This is accomplished by combining one each of the five card types; Mood, Emotional Connection, Tantra Practices, Foreplay and Sex Position Cards. Each player draws cards until one has a complete fantasy with one of each card that the couple then carries out. Use the Mood card first to set up a relaxing and inspiring location for your fantasy. The Emotional Connection card helps you and your lover relax and connect. Then you take your Tantra Practices Card and combine it with your Foreplay and Sex Position Cards to carry out your adventure. Build up your tantra skills by taking what you learn and adding it into your next fantasy the next time you play.

“Tantra is a very emotional and inspiring set of practices.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “The concepts fit very well into our best-selling line of Sex! games. It has the spiritual component that has become so popular with our Mind, Body and Soul game as well. We find that our most successful sex games are ones that help couples figure out new ways to connect and this one certainly does that. It’s very unique and was a lot of fun to develop. And just when I thought sex couldn’t get any better…”

Tantric Sex! joins Kheper Games massive list of successful romance games including; Sex!, Lust!, Oral Sex, Let’s F*ck, Let’s Fool Around, Fantasy Affairs, Sexy Rendez Vous, Sex Around the World, and much, much more.

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