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Kickin off Awards, & It’s Vegas Time. Send me your info!

The stars, the fans, the business people are all preparing for the convention. Some are already on their way to Vegas. My friend Ace Cartier boarded his plane this afternoon. He will be doing lots of coverage for me, the parties, the convention, the awards. So if you see him out there, stop and say hello, and let him take your picture.


Ace Cartier & ? ( okay who is this?)  at Miami Exxxotica

He’s not hard to find. He’s six foot five! Although I have been receiving press releases on AEE, booths & signings for two months now, I didn’t post them. If I did, my site would have been overtaken by press releases! And I rarely post press releases. I am making an exception this week though. If you send me your info, who is signing where, what parties are going on, any cool stuff going on in Vegas, along with some pictures of hot chix, I will post it. This week only. So GO FOR IT! Write something just for me if you can. The more original the better. [email protected].

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