Kieran Lee’s million dollar insured dick

There are legendary and renowned pornstars; then there is Kieran Lee. This guy, ladies, and gentlemen is the ultimate pornstar. I mean, he has everything. Is he easy on the eye? Yes. Does he have a British accent that makes ladies go wild? Yes, he does. Does he have a dick measuring 9 inches? You bet he has. Is that dick insured for a million dollar? Well, that is the main thing we are discussing here so, hell fucking yes. This guy is the only person in the world whose dick is insured for a cool million dollars. My question is, why should a guy feel his dick is so precious that it has to be insured for such a mind-boggling amount? Stick around and find out.

He’s a powerhouse name

It takes someone special, if not a bit arrogant, to insure his dick for a million dollars. Kieran Lee has had quite a career in the adult entertainment industry. No wonder he has such a sense of self-worth. To start with, he has starred in so many porn movies. He has starred in over 1,144 videos for porn powerhouses Brazzers alone. Additionally, he has starred in over a 1,000 more videos for a Killergram, another porn powerhouse based in the United Kingdom. He has also worked as a freelancer, where he fucked his fair share of women. All that without mentioning the number of women he has privately bedded.

To demonstrate his revered position in the porn industry, he was the only male judge in “The Sex Factor,” reality show where his job was to upcoming mentor pornstars alongside other powerhouse names like Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Remy LaCroix and the one and only Asa Akira. Luckily for you, ThePornDude is here to tell you all you need to know about Kieran Lee, his life as a top male pornstar, and being the only man with a million dollar dick.

The insurance

According to Kieran, the insurance was initially an in-house discussion with Brazzers, with whom he had worked for so long and shot so many movies. Apparently, the Brazzers production team was worried that if something happened to his dick, they would have no one else to shoot the remainder of the scenes. The marketing department heard about this and thought it was actually a good insurance policy. And that’s how it began.

Before the insurance, which he announced on his Twitter page, he had to go for a medical check-up to ensure he was in peak physical condition. He also had to explain what he did for a living. I’m guessing this was pretty awkward, like how do you explain to an insurance company that you are a pornstar and you would like to insure your dick? The rest, as they say, is history because the insurance company approved the policy and just like that, he became the owner of a million dollar dick. Thankfully for him, he’s never had to use the insurance policy, where he would be compensated if some freak accident occurred while he was on set.

Been in the industry for 13 years

You don’t get to shoot such a huge amount of movies if you’ve only been in the industry for a minute. Kieran has been in the industry for well over 13 years now. He got his break however when he started working with Brazzers, who according to him, gives its stars another level of exposure. While making it big in the industry requires you to be a good performer, the production company also plays a huge role in the success.

He shoots roughly 18 scenes per month as an actor and roughly 20 more as a director. Our guy is far from a one-trick pony.  He says he is surprised no female pornstar has come out to insure their boobs or vaginas, but cockily adds that every time he is inside any of them, their value rises by a cool million dollars. Quite a humble statement to make.

Entered porn by mistake

The Derby-born, Los Angeles resident actually entered porn by mistake, can you believe that?  He was actually on holiday with his friends when one of them took a naked photo of him and uploaded it on a swingers’ website. The next thing, he was being contacted by an amateur couple who wanted him to be a part of the shoot. His first shoot was in a car park, and he admits it went well. He did amateur stuff for about four years, freelanced for about a year, before going to the United States where he has been working with Brazzers.

He’s poor in bed

Like you may or may not know, there is a huge difference between sex in porn and sex in real life. For a guy that has lasted 58 minutes in a scene featuring four women, he is unable to produce such a marathon for his wife Kirsten Price, who also happens to be a former porn star herself. They have however been together for six years and have a two-year-old son, Max.   However, the two are just ‘normal’ people which kind of explains the lack of marathon sessions. Interestingly, his wife doesn’t mind him going out to have sex with beautiful women every day as long as it is ‘work.’

With the guy set to hop more into production, he may yet have time to practice his bedroom game with his wife after all. And if you thought that his life revolves around orgies and drug parties, think again. He’s quite a chilled out guy, knocking out a couple of wine glasses with his wife. Relationship goals, huh?


Well, what is the worth of your dick? How much would you insure it for?  Kieran Lee’s is a million dollar worth. Probably you should have a meeting with yourself to decide.  As for yours faithfully am off to do so, keeping in mind that a million dollars is not common pocket change.

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