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Kiki D’aire’s comeback was halted by a SURPRISE!

From Kiki D’aire on her blog by way of PornStarBabylon

To the fans-  I am not available for anything in the adult business including porn, dancing, escorting or anything else.  I’m pregnant people!  Was there a comeback in the works?  Yes, there was then I got pregnant.  As beautiful as I find pregnant women, I don’t care to be one of the ones that does hardcore.  So my apologies to those that were excited to see new material that was never shot.  I never meant to lie to anyone, sometimes life changes your plans.  I know that some of you have had some not so great experiences emailing over the years, since I quit in 2004, there have been numerous fake email addresses, myspace pages, websites and everything else.  Even Steve at AINEWS thought he was emailing me for four years when in reality I didn’t even know the myspace address he had existed!  The likelihood of you writing to someone that was me after 2004 is pretty damn slim.  To any of you that were insulted, I apologize for the actions of some nameless, faceless fraud sitting behind a computer screen.  Thank you for the kind comments you sent regarding this blog and thank you for your readership.

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