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Kim Kardashian – Blonde and Boobs

We know—you’ve seen Kim Kardashian naked from every angle, and in a ton of different positions… but she’s not done shocking the world with her smoking, hot body. Kim Kardashian proves that there is always a time and place to expose her naked body, and her latest is at Paris Fashion weak.

Kim Kardashian Blonde and Boobs

She showed up at Paris Fashion Week with her new bleach blonde hair color, that has been described all over the internet as a porn star look. Which is an insult to all our beautiful, dynamic, diverse and smoking hot porn stars.

She wasn’t completely naked: she showed up in her stylish white mesh top, reminiscent of a steroid user in the 80’s. She used a blazer to just barely cover her Kardashian nipples. I say that in the best way possible. Fashion is great, because it respects the wonderful form of the human body. We’re crossing our fingers that this trend transitions into the mainstream.

Away goes the days of hiding behind layers; #freethenipple campaign is trending and is here and it’s now. We love Kim Kardashian and she is always there to provide us with the best content. Not done reading about this beauty? We have lots for you! You can check out her booty pics that were released in 2014 and broke the internet with their popularity. As well as that we have her gorgeous porn star look alike and mentions of her appear everywhere all the time.

Kim Kardashian New Look

So take some time to ogle over this goddess and her nipples at front row fashion week, and enjoy her new blonde locks. Also boobs.

Shout out to Kanye for sticking by her side and embracing her figure, while the rest of us just Google Kim K nudes. Or maybe you just love seeing big, luscious tits… If that is the case, Try’s collection of Big Tit Videos!

Thanks Kim!

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