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Kimberly Kane-final- Blood, Sex & Strawberry Syrup

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy Of Victor Lightworship and Vivid Alt
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

Whole layout including naked pics here, 18+ only

X: What was the main THRUST of the sex scene? (Laughs)
K: Bobby is wrapped in rope and Claire is super quiet, and than verbal under her breath and delivers intense blows and Bobby can take anything you do to her. So it is a really special domination scene between these two. There is really great anal strap on too.
X: When you are directing something like that how do you keep directing? How do you not get wrapped up in what they are doing and just sit there with your mouth open?
K: I do. We will be shooting and I’ll just say out loud, that is really hot, and I need to shut my mouth and not be saying things during the sex scenes, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I’ll get blown away sometimes. There are scenes that I am involved in where two people will be doing something that blows my mind and I stop and I watch and I have to snap back into whatever I am doing. It’s a good gig.
X: I have to talk about you and Sasha doing this sex in blood thing. And I think it’s really cool with the pan over to the strawberry syrup so everybody gets it in the end.
K: Yeah, I didn’t want the strawberry syrup shot in there, but I had too.
X: I guess you had to do it, so that it was pointed out that it wasn’t real. It was just fantasy.
K: It wasn’t real blood. It was studio blood. But they wanted me to put the syrup in so no one could say it was a brutal blood scene.
X: I was okay with the syrup I thought it was kind of cool, like you put one over on everyone, and it was kind of an ironic shot. But it probably bothered you because your artistic vision was not to have strawberry syrup in the scene.
K: No, but we had to shoot something like that to stay out of trouble.
X: I heard that you pretty much offended everyone in production at Vivid so…
K: Yeah. But in the end Steven Hirsch says yah or nay and he’s into my stuff so, everyone else can shut up. (Laughs)
X: So you are just lucky that the boss is a sick perv like you are.
K: Yeah. Excellent.
X: So you have a dark, sick, artistic, beautiful mind.
K: Well thank you very much.
X: And those words don’t often go together. But they just seem to for you. I can t imagine what is going to show up in your next movie. I am scared!
K: I wonder… Do you want to know what I am working on next?
X: Yeah!
K: I am going to put out a super 8 movie release. I did some super 8 in Live in my Secrets and I fell in love with super 8 so I’m going to do an all film release, like 45 minutes to an hour long.
X: What is it going to be about? Tell me the sickest thing, or the coolest thing that is going to be in the movie.
K: The thing about super 8 is the film is three minutes long before you have to change it out. So the girl is going to have three to six minutes to make a vignette. I’ve shot about 40% of it so far. I want to shoot a scene where a girl is choking herself with a belt and masturbating to her reflection and pissing on a mirror. Just stuff that is visually heavy. I shot a scene already where I am fucking myself with a bouquet of roses.
X: How do you do that?
K: Very carefully. (Both laugh)
X: Did you take the thorns off ahead of time?
K: Yeah.
X: That’s why I like your stuff, it is full of symbolism and metaphors. You can watch it twenty times and still see new things and view them in a different way. Your stuff could have college papers written about it. Oh and you are doing choking, another edgy thing you are going to have to get away with.
K: Yeah. (Laughs) I guess it is a matter of taste, right?
X: You definitely push buttons. I would think there are people who love your movies and people who hate your movies and think you go too far.
K: Yeah, but the people that think I go too far, really don’t speak up as much as the people who like it.
X: Truthfully, people that think you go too far probably watch your movies and jerk off to them too.
K: Yeah. (Laughs) Hopefully.
X: You like to be tied up it seems.
K: Yeah. It’s cool I like it. I like being blindfolded too.
X: Do you like the other end of it? The tying and blindfolding of another?
K: Yes.
X: Which do you like better?
K: I think it’s always easier to dominate someone else. But to be the submi ssive you have to be in the mind state. Sometimes I can’t be a submissive because I’m not in the space. But when you are in the space it’s better to be submissive I think.
X: It’s odd that people that are control freaks are also good submissives.
K: Every good dominant began as a submissive or they wouldn’t know how it feels.
X: Maybe I need some training.
K: Maybe you should get some training.
X: Truthfully, I am into it, but I think I would rather watch two other people do it, then do either role myself. So I don’t know if that means I am a chicken shit, or just lazy.
K: Naw, you are a voyeur, that’s a whole nother thing.
X: What do you think about when you masturbate?
K: All different kinds of scenarios.
X: After you film a scene, do you go home and think about it?
K: Naw, not unless it was bad or I bombed or something, then I come home and think about how crappy of a performer I am. I just think about really weird shit. I am really into transsexuals right now. I always like gangbang scenarios. That usually works.
X: Are you in the center of the gangbang?
K: Yep. (Laughs)
X: You remind me of one of my favorite directors from the old days.
K: Who?
X: Thomas Zupko.
K: He’s great!
X: Have you seen a lot of his movies?
K: I’ve been on his sets before. And I’ve seen his movies and I’ve heard stories. He was one of the real creative minds in the business.
X: He is probably my favorite director of all time so far, as far as someone’s body of work. Because everything he did was layered and has different meanings. He also put a lot of comedy and literary references into his work. His stuff was also sick as hell.
He pushed limits too. You stuff is more artsy, but your movies remind me of his in a take no prisoners way, hold nothing back way. I think that’s a huge compliment but…
K: I think so too.
X: One more thing, I just saw the pictures you sent to go with this interview, and they are gorgeous. Excellent ph otography. There is an artist that paints pictures of girls with big soulful eyes, and your pictures look like her paintings. Her name is SAS.
K: Oh cool.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
K: Thanks. Keep watching. for trailers
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