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Kimberly Kane- Interview-pt2- Horses, guns & sex


Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy Of Victor Lightworship and Vivid Alt
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

X: You did a lot of controversial things in Morphine, but the one that most stands out in my mine is when you brought out the gun.
K: The one in the vagina?
X: Yeah.
K: I get a way with a lot of shit.
X: How do you get away with that?
K: It’s tricky. You can’t be forcing someone into having sex with a gun. It has to be two people that want it, so she kind like asks for it. I got away with it.
X: Maybe because you are a female director you get away with a little bit more?
K: Probably, yeah.
X: You definitely do push limits. I also noticed something else really cool about being a Vivid Alt director; every time you finish a movie you get a party. So how was your Morphine party?
K: It was the first themed Vivid Alt party. So I came up with the black-eyed beauty pageant. Morphine is white trash, so I wanted to have a white trash kind of contest. So all the girls at the party, including my sister, got black eyes painted on them by a makeup artist and they all competed in a beauty pageant.
X: You come up with some crazy creative shit. So let’s talk about Live in my Secrets. Are these your real fantasies?
K: Yeah. They all come from dreams or something I see that inspires me. I wanted to do a fetish themed movie because fetish is close to my heart.
X: So tell me about the scene with Tyler and a horse.
K: Tyler Knight plays our stable boy and he gets strung up in a barn in this crazy psycho contraption and has sex with Aiden Starr with all these horse around them, that are covered with flies, which was so awesome.
X: That is so kinky. Another little edgy thing you did, sex and animals in the same scene.
K: I think I have had a horse in all my movies. In Triple Ecstasy I had a picture, done by a very famous artist, of a princess masturbating a horse in the background. In Naked and Famous (for Pulse), I had Dana Vespoli doing a DP in a horse arena, and the horse was literally standing over them, like he was waiting for his turn. No one ever touched the horse so I got away with that too.
X: You go pretty close.
K: I go really close. (Laughs)
X: So what is the meaning of the horse? You must really love horses or think they are sexual…
K: I grew up riding horses. They have always been really cool to me. Horses are very powerful. Horses have big cocks. Horses are strong. Horses are sexual.
X: Being on top of a horse riding him while he is galloping is pretty sexual.
K: Absolutely. I guess that is what it is. Horses are really cool, and strong and sexy. And it freaks people out so it’s funny.
X: You also have bondage and domination in this movie.
K: There is a scene with Bobby Starr and Claire Adams. Claire Adams is the best dominatrix out there right now and Bobby Starr is the best submissive. They had never had sex before, so I wanted to put them together in a sex scene and it was pretty hardcore.
X: What was the main THRUST of the sex scene? (Laughs)
K: Bobby is wrapped in rope and Claire is super quiet, and than verbal under her breath and delivers intense blows and Bobby can take anything you do to her. So it is a really special domination scene between these two. There is really great anal strap on too…. (more to come) for trailers
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