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Kimberly Kane Looks Like Katy Perry, But Does She Sing?- UPDATE

Nice Boxcover…Kim really looks like Katy ( except for boob size)

I have a couple questions about this movie and I know Lee Roy reads the site, so he or anyone associated with the movie feel free to comment answers or email em to me at [email protected] dot com

Does Katy (Kimberly) sing , dance, strut around sexily and/or perform a concert in this movie?

Does Kimberly have sex with anyone resembling Katy’s real life boyfriend, comedian Russell Brand?


I read your post on LIB on Katy Pervy, just wanted to drop you a quick response.
Kimberly does not sing in Katy Pervy, however I can assure you, she does do an absolutely amazing job interacting with Elmer in a way that only a charmer like Kimberly can. She absolutely nailed Katy in this role & this is without question one of her sexiest performances.
In the film, Katy has sex with Elmer, which is what is really going to get tongues wagging about this movie, you have to see it, to believe it. I sent you out a copy so you will have a chance to check it out for yourself. In addition to the sex scene with Elmer, Katie has a sex scene with Lady Gagger.
Russell has an on screen sex scene with Rhihandjob.
Please feel free to drop me a line if you ever have any questions or need anything.
Thank you,
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