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Kimbo Gets SLICED

By I am Ivan from his blog

Kimbo, Elite XC LOL and ROFL

For weeks my friends and I talked about this fight. Many of us had mixed feelings. Ken Shamrock is an attitude case, while Kimbo is so overrated. And in my opinion bad for MMA. Not him particularly but how is promoted. He is not special and has an attitude to boot. NO matter the spin Elite XC keeps puttin on him … he is “smart”, “articulate” and “talented”. WTF, the guy until recently hardly put sentences together during interviews. His Inside MMA appearances were a joke only saved by his trainer and co-host Bas Rutten.

Most people who follow MMA knew he had little skills to compete yet, Elite XC banked on him. While great fighters in the promotion just became the guy’s undercard. So coming up to the fight I felt like another old fuck is being led to slaughter with Kimbo who’s trainer, Bas Rutten, admittingly revealed they were bringing him up slowly and with care. This is not boxing where you can have a fighter fight 20 tomato cans before stepping in with someone talented. Look at Brock Lesnar in UFC. I am not a big fan of UFC’s business practices but at least they throw their fighters against each other with no regard.

So then on Saturday we hear Ken Shamrock is hurt and a replacement will be named. Elite Xc tries this new spin of pooooor Kimbo having a new opponent without training for him. Huh? He trained for Shamrock who has more all around skills then anyone on that card. But now Kimbo is not prepared? What about the guy taking the fight on a few hours notice to fight the might Kimbo! And of course the opponent is introuduced as a veteran of the UFC! hahahaha He was on the Ultimate Fighter TV show and maybe a match or two resulted in the UFC from it. But for ELite XC this was an opportunity to have Kimbo beat pu on a “UFC Veteran”. What a joke!

My brother and I were sitting there stunned when the dude from the Ultimate Fighter show with pink hair walks out. My brother was pissed, running to the bathroom, only saying I need to piss before this is over. I was like chill dude, maybe we get a Buster Douglas tonight? Yeah right! But we hoped.

Earlier we watched a Kimbo commercial then a promo from his fight with Thompson (only showing Kimbo’s few high spots). Yeah the fight in many people’s eyes Kimbo lost. We saw the Tank Abbott KO (even though Tank was 0-7 in his last 7). Then a quick promo of Kimbo turning his back on Shamrock during the Press Conference. And the most unprofessional and iditiotic pre-fight interview with Kimbo, to a point where the interview was stunned afterwards. And this is Elite XC’s golden child? Only golden about him are his teeth. This company has lost over 50 million dollars in 3 years and Kimbo in their eyes in the savor? Maybe it says something about why they are so broke. Get a clue! Oh and then the Golden Boy doesn’t want to shake hands with his KARATE opponent. Daniel Son or Ralph Macchio looked nervous as the bell rang but 15 seconds later, Kimbo was on the ground out and bleeding and DANIEL SON was running around … all we needed was Mr. Miyagi and Elizabeth Shue to come running out.

We all jumped in excitement. As the Elite XC chairman was jumping on camera in a child like tantrum. Showing no class as his bubble was burst with one short quick KARATE CHOP AAHHHH!

Maybe we can get back to real MMA in Elite XC as they just signed Eddie Alvarez to fight Nick Diaz. Put the circus act aside Elite XC and concentrate on what made the monopolizing UFC that strong. No glits or glamor or crazy light shows. Just bad ass MMA guys fighting bad ass MMA guys.

I do feel sorry for Bas Rutten who was an amazing fighter, great commentator and am sure perfect coach but his time with Kimbo is wasted and he will never admit it. I also feel bad for Kimbo, I loved him on youtube but some assholes decided to make him a household name and a “legendary” fighter. Two things he might not be equipped for but understandably he jumped at the opportunity, anyone would. Last night made my week, not that Kimbo lost but that arrogance of the whole situation lost. MMA Karma was let loose last night and now I’m going to go and get my copy of Karate Kid DVD and have a relaxing morning with Daniel Son.

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