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Kimora Klein Updates Us on Her Health

Kimora Klein writes:

Hi all,

I’ve been kind of MIA for a while due to a pretty serious car accident on 1/5. All the details are on but in short, I’m learning to walk again and have been inpatient at a physical rehab hospital since 1/25. My hospital bills are nothing short of ridiculous (upwards of $80k) and I won’t be able to work again for a while. My “porn parents”, Karen Kougar and her hubby a.k.a. Kougar Mountain Productions created to give updates on my conditions and the ability to donate direct to my PayPal account to help out with the bills.

We had the great idea of offering a gift for those who donate depending on the amount. So far we’ve only got a group picture of me, Sara Jay, Alexis Golden, and Karen Kougar autographed by all of us, and some DVDs/photos generously given from Marie Madison. If there are ANY photos/media/whatever that you would be willing to send to high-dollar amount donors to please contact the Kougars at [email protected] . My parents and I GREATLY appreciate support and donations of any kind and I am working hard at walking again so I can fuck again, lol.


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