Industry News Holds Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

Even in the porn business, companies are subject to state-wide sexual harassment laws. I have never heard of a porn company caring, though several have been subject to sexual harassment cases., which I hear is part of a federal obscenity investigation, is playing by the book. At least when it comes to this.

You might think that the last place you’d ever find the managers and supervisors of an adult entertainment company would be gathered together learning more about sexual harassment. And you might even be right, but not at Founder and CEO Peter Acworth and Human Resources Manager Vince recently brought a sexual harassment expert to to train all managers and supervisors about the laws and protocol for handling such issues. Even though is a company where explicit sex is both happening and being discussed almost every moment of the work day, that doesn’t mean that its employees are entitled to cross the lines of professionalism and human decency. After last week’s follow-up training for the remainder of Kink’s employees, Peter can now be fully confident that everyone at the company has a firm understanding and respect for the difference between working in the adult industry and abusing that privilege.

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