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Kinzie Kenner: Centerfold of the Month – October 2011

Thanks for visiting Centerfold of the Month, we add another screaming-hot babe to our top shelf roster of Pornstar Babes. These featured girls are the creme de la creme, the very best talents in the adult biz. Hey, gotta give credit where credit is due, these sexy starlets have earned it! Come back here for all the latest!

Kinzie Kenner: Exclusive Interview

PORN Profile:Kinzie Kenner
Twitter:@KinzieKenner Asks: If you weren’t a pornstar, what would you be doing?

What I’m doing now, make up! Lol! It’s fun, allows me to get better at doing my own make up and it pays the bills. Also probably modeling with my clothes on, or with cars! I love cars! Asks: What really turns you on?

Being teased, in the right way of course. Tracing your finger up my thigh, or lightly licking my clit are just a few things that will make me throw you down and fuck the shit out of you!.. read more here

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 110
Bust: 36D
Birthday: July 22, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Favorite Food: Potatoes and anything with candy involved
Favorite Movie: Anything done by Tim Burton
Favorite Cocktail: Jack and cherry coke
Favorite Sex Position: Doggy style
Dream Car: Chevy Camaro ’68

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: October 2011

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without calendar: 1920×1200

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