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Kirsten Price- pt2-I shocked Gene Simmons

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X: I know you took a break from adult for a while.
K: I did when I got divorced. (From Barrett Blade)
X: Did you miss having sex on camera?
K: Yeah in a big way. I’m back and better than ever. My scenes are better than ever. I am having such a good time and loving life and living it up.
X: What is your favorite scene ever?
K: I just started doing boy/boy/girl  and I did a really hot one with Alan Stafford and Chris Slater. It’s my first one so it is really special. It was dirty and hot and sweaty. I was an upscale like Cruel Intentions school-girl. We were smoking cigarettes and they were my Catholic school boys. We just got down and dirty and ended up with lots of cum everywhere. I believe it is going to in the movie called The House of Wicked. It should be released soon.
X: How does it feel to have your vagina and butt available for sale by Cal Exotic? (it’s an exact model)
K: It feels really fucking good. I personally love my ass and vagina and I would like to share it with more people but unfortunately I’m limited to how many people I can bang out in a year.
X: (I am laughing so hard that she keeps talking and I keep laughing)
K: So go buy it. It’s nice. It’s pretty, and you can stick a whole bunch of stuff in it that I normally wouldn’t let you if you were having sex with me. So go crazy. I have stuck tons of things in there. I went nuts. Beer bottles, screw drivers, broom handles, whatever I could find I would jam in there for fun. My boyfriend wants to do a side by side comparison, so I have to get a new one. I’ll stick it on my back and he can go back and forth and try it out. So he can decide whether it feels real.
X: That would be kind of a cool thing to hang on your wall in the living room too.
K: Right? It was fun to have made too. It was cold and wet.
X: They put that gooey stuff all over you to make the mold?
K: Yeah, it was awesome. But I had to shave all my hair off and I’m not a big fan of going baldy.
X: Then it itches when it grows back.
K: Yeah, and you look like you have crabs.

X: I know that you are an interviewer yourself. You’ve done red carpet interviews. Do you like doing that?
K: I do. It is my favorite thing to do. Dave Navarro and I hosted the AVN awards red carpet for Showtime for the past two years. It was amazing and we have great chemistry and we go nuts together and ask the silliest questions. Before that I did the Playboy red carpet. I love interviewing people. I ask the questions that most people wouldn’t dare to ask. I have been censored like you wouldn’t believe. I gave breath-alyzers on the red carpet one year and that got cut out. I did some inappropriate things to Gene Simmons and I shocked him and they definitely cut that out. They said it was amazing, we wish we could keep it in, but it was really nasty. 
X: If you shocked Gene Simmons that is really an accomplishment.
K: Yeah, it was disgusting. I’m not even going to repeat what I said. I’m not proud of it.
X: Were you drunk when you were doing these crazy things?
K: No. I don’t drink and interview because my mouth gets me in trouble as it is. I just did an On Demand show for the second year in a row called “All Naughty Home Videos.”  I hosted it. It’s hot girls doing fun stuff naked. I will host anything I can host it’s my favorite thing to do.

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