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Kirsten Price WOULD have Sex with Herself, just ask her!

Kristin Price Interview courtesy of & Mag

Interview by Cindi Loftus

Photos Courtesy of Wicked

X: What is a question that you think reporters should ask you, but they never do? What would you ask yourself?
K: That’s a tough question. I would ask myself if I could have sex with myself, would I? And the answer would be, fuck yes I would! In a heartbeat. People always ask- Do you think you are hot? Do you think you are sexy? Do you think your sex scenes are good? I think I am an amazing fuck and I’m a fun girl to fuck because I don’t take myself too seriously. I can laugh at myself. Funny things happen during sex all the time. I would definitely have sex with myself. Another question I would ask myself is what is the funniest thing that ever happened to you during sex?
X: And the answer would be?
K: There are quite a few awkward moments. One was being caught having sex in an airplane bathroom, on an airplane full of people that were friends of ours. When we walked out they all clapped. It was so embarrassing. On my birthday this year I severely pulled a hamstring trying to be a human pretzel. I was drunk and I thought it would be fun, and something snapped. I didn’t walk right for weeks.
X: And not for the reason that people would think it would be.
What is the funniest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?
K: I was dancing in Santa Barbara and I was bending over by a gentleman. I had no clothes on and I was shaking it, doing what ever you do and he put his whole entire face in my pussy and ass and tried to perform cunnilingus on me while I was on stage. And I got really freaked out.
X: Oh my God, I don’t blame you. I would of grabbed a bottle of alcohol and poured it all over me to get disinfected, AFTER I had slapped him so hard in the face that I knocked him off the chair. 
K: It was pretty gnarly and disgusting. I’ve done that before. I punched a guy on stage for trying to kiss me a few years back, but I was more wild and crazy then. But I don’t want to start a scene, so I let security handle it now. They threw him out and I got back into dance mood.
X: That was very mature of you. I don’t think I would have handled it that well. What is the best gossip you ever heard about yourself that wasn’t true?
K: I’ve heard a lot of gossip about myself. I hear that I gave blowjobs to people I never gave blowjobs too. When you are that good at sucking cock people just want to talk about it I think. There was also a rumor that I’m from Canada, but I am not. I tried to keep that one going because I thought it was funny. So I am guilty of that one myself. I have no idea where anyone got that one. But I just outted myself.
X: Would you like to make up some gossip for me to spread?
K: Um, yeah. Can you say that I was recently seen in the bathroom at the top Club in Hollywood giving George Clooney a blowjob? I mean that’s my fantasy so let me go with that one.
X: That’s a very good one. I bet that one could even come true.
K: George, if you are out there, call me. I have an obsession with George Clooney.
X: I bet if he knew you he would have an obsession back. Does he have a myspace page? We could send him this interview.
K: I am friends with a fake George Clooney on Face book, just because I like to look at his picture.
X: How about you give me one word descriptions of your co-workers, we’ll start with Stormy.
K: Classy. She’s a classy broad.
X: Kaylani?
K: Amazing. Every time someone says her name I smile. I just love her to death.
X: jessica?
K: Stoic. She is well put together.
X: Alektra?
K: Hilarious. She is so funny. The stuff that comes out of her mouth, I have no idea where she comes up with it. She always keeps me laughing.
X: She seems like a toughie. The stuff I have read about her, she sounds like she would kick your ass if you look at her wrong.
K: Yeah. She’s a tough broad. I like that in a girl.
X: Mikayla?
K: Sweet. She is so nice. I don’t think she could hurt a fly.

X: Tell me some quirky stuff about you that your fans don’t know.
K: I make up songs and sing them to my dog. And I give him different names. I call him the dude. Then I sing him songs about being the dude. I am obsessed with my dog. What else is odd about me? I’m just a good time, I guess. I think I am pretty normal, not really.
X: Do you eat anything weird?
K: I will try anything once. So if you put it in front of me I will eat it.
X: Could you be on Survivor and eat like beetles and grubs?
K: I don’t think I could do that. I don’t think I could be on there. I love food. Real food. And if you deprive me of food I become such a bitch.
X: I guess if I asked you for your unfulfilled fantasy you would say George Clooney.
K: Yeah, anything to do with him I would rub one out to right away. If he is at something on TV I will grab my vibrator and go at it right away.
X: So what do you have coming out?
K: The movie The Stranger should be out soon. I just launched my new website Club Kirsten Price dot com.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
K: I want to tell all my fans that they should keep watching my movies because they are only getting better and I am only getting sexier. Seriously the older I get the hotter my scenes get.

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