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Kora Peters Cries Wolf, Accuses James Deen Of Raping Her Twice: Tales From The TardSide

In true porn tard fashion, Kora Peters is all the sudden a James Deen rape victim.. Yes, Kora Peters the self proclaimed adult industry expert and spokesperson, the chick who says she always speaks her mind, has manged to keep this to herself for 6 years. But Sean, “maybe she was afraid of losing work?? ”  She’s no longer shooting or living in porn valley.. But Sean, “maybe she was in such a drug induced haze she forgot about the said rape until Stoya spoke out?” Maybe?


Rape 1. Kora is given drugs in an effort to get her motivated for having anal sex.. Like date rape

Kora wrote “The director (his friend) yelled at me for ruining the scene by crying. James & the director both told me that I couldn’t leave & wouldn’t get paid if I didn’t finish the scene & they offered me drugs and alcohol on set.” I then called my agent and told him to put anal on my no list.


What? James Deen treats you like shit, drugs you up then forces anal on you and you called your agent to have him add anal to your no list?? How about adding James to your no list? You must of really needed the money huh?

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of a drugged and bruised up Kora Peters

Rape 2

So after James and his “friend” sexually assaulted Kora what does she do?  Well she shoots for him again.

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