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Kris Slater FLAKES on expensive Shoot?

NL-This is an e-mail from Tabiltha Stevens, so should be considered her opinion. It’s odd how you never hear of guys flaking, but you always hear about girls.  If Kris would like to send me his side of the story I’d be happy to post it.


Hey Cindi!
Yeah my husband and I are pretty pissed at Kris Slater right now. We are in Colorado shooting a big feature, a feature that Kris was supposed to be the lead of. He agreed to the dates, the pay, the scenes and the travel. We booked him 3 weeks before the shoot. So obviously because we are shooting part of the film out of LA  we needed to have Kris catch a plane to get to our location. He had a Sunday afternoon flight. Well when Cheynne Collins (Cheynne works on our sets as an assistant camera man – he’s great at that btw)  went to pick up the talent from the airport as a favor to us, Kris had apparently forgotten to get on that plane that we had purchased tickets for. Let’s not forget that we had to pay his hotel room reservations as well and the wardrobe that I bought for his character. Thanks for making us lose money Kris for your irresponsibility!

I tried calling him and his mailbox was full. I then texted him asking him if he could catch another flight. I never got an answer. Chennin Blanc who books our talent, was finally able to get a hold of him and I believe his answer when asked ‘where are you, you were supposed to be on a plane headed to Colorado’ was  ‘oh, I missed my flight ooops’ and then proceeded to laugh it off like it was no big deal and hang up the phone. WTF!

Being that we had an early call time the next morning it would have been impossible for us to book someone else and fly them out, not to mention the huge dent it would put in our budget. Cheynne totally stepped up to the plate and took Kris’s part. He learned the 80 page script over night. The script that Kris told me he had gotten. Yeah right.
I really hope that Kris isn’t having some sort of a breakdown or is on drugs. One would think that he was on drugs after he totally blew us off and completely screwed us after committing to do this project. His actions have showed us that it is going to be hard to trust anyone to show up on a set. That’s really sad.

We wanted Kris for this role because we know that he can act. A few years back my husband had given him a lead role in one of our episodes for ‘The Erotic Traveler’ which is Cinemax’s elite late night series that my husband created and directed. Remembering what a great job Kris did for us in the past, we thought he was a top notch choice for this new film. What a disappointment. All I can say is I hope kris gets some help because I think he really needs it.
Have a great evening,

NL- Kris announced on Twitter that he has just gotten the role of Robin for the soon to be shot Hustler movie  Batman & Robin. NIck Manning just announced he will be playing the lead role of Batman, but it is in a Vivid movie. I”m guessing both companies are tuned into the same bat channel at the same bat time….

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