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Kris Slater NOT a Flake!

Kris Slater writes-
Hey everyone I am trying to take care of this. I never even heard of this shoot. there is a guy that has my old number that has been pretending to be me. Mark from wicked can even back me up on this. he has talked to the guy before. I think that they were calling my old number to book the shoot. I am so sorry to everyone who lost on this, but i never spoke to anyone about any shoot out of state in the last 8 months. there is a guy who is not me saying he is and i am going to post my old number / his number so people can call if they want and pester this asshole!!!! We all lost on this. I would have loved to do it. People help me get this guy that did this. His number is 818-430-#### it is also the number that was called to try to book me. if anyone needs my real number please email me [email protected] again i am so sorry to everyone that was hurt in any way by this event. if you want more info please contact me.

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