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Kristin Davis, “Manhattan Madam” Runs for Governor

Story from Asylum by Oliver Noble

Remember when former New York governor Eliot Spitzer was busted for romps with a surprisingly hot Ashley Dupré? We do. The 2008 scandal caused Spitzer’s ouster and shot Dupré to semi-stardom (including an upcoming Playboy spread).

Kristin Davis, otherwise known as the “Manhattan Madam,” was also implicated in the scandal. No stranger to the limelight, she wrote a book about her experiences hooking up New York’s rich and famous, was linked to New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez, and in January, she announced that she had her sights set on the job Eliot Spitzer had to quit: governor of New York.

Asylum correspondent Oliver Noble recently caught up with Davis at a party to celebrate her gubernatorial run. In his report, Noble discovered that Davis is down with legalizing pretty much everything. He also got Davis to reveal which sitting female politicians would net the most cash in the World’s Oldest Profession …

See Video interview here

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