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Kristina Rose- Exclusive Interview


by Jon of


1 Can you tell us a little about your part in Malibu Massage Parlor?
All I did was show up and get a killer massage by Evan Stone. It was AMAZING!

2 This is I believe your fifth scene with Evan Stone. What do you like about working with him?
Evan is always a riot on set.

3 Do men or women give better massages?
I accept massages from men or women. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad massage.

4 Nina Hartley is one of the co-stars in a scene with Dane Cross. You did a strap on scene with her in Triangle Films Boundaries 6. What’s it like to be ravaged by a legend of the adult industry?
Working with Nina Hartley was amazing. She’s a very sexual person and a legend!! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.
I love working for Triangle Films.

5 Elexis Unleashed 2 has got a lot of praise. What do you remember about your scene with Elexis Monroe?
Yes! She is so sweet and a great kisser.

6 You’re featured on KissMe Girl’s new site sloppy girl. Can you tell us about your scene?
KissMeGirl is another company that I love to work for. It’s fun to just make-out sometimes. Porn lacks sexual tension. It’s refreshing to
get to tease yourself sometimes.

7 You’ve been working with Kink com. Which have been your favourite fetishes and which would you still like to try?

Kink is so much fun. I think if you’re into or at least interested in rough sex, Kink can be like an adult playground. I love everything
I’ve done at kink. I love working on their site Go figure. Slutwoman loves the anal. I like seeing how far I can physically & mentally take myself. There’s still so much I have yet to do over there at kink. I wanna try it all! I definitely want to do a gangbang or maybe a little airtight. Who’s down?

8 It’s a compliment to be chosen to work for Belladonna. Can you tell us how she got in contact with you and what it’s like working for her?
I met Bella on a go see through Spiegler a couple years ago. She had tried to book me a couple times but once I had a black eye and another time I had been a casualty of a make-up artists curling iron so we had to cancel. lol. But once I finally got to work for her it was great! The vibe on set is always fun and low key but the sex is always crazy intense. It’s like all the performers working for her go the extra
mile just because it’s Belladonna. She has that affect on people. I really look up to her as a performer and also as a business woman.
Belladonna is just one of those people that everyone is drawn to. There’s just something about her presence and her smile. She has an

amazing aura.

9 Which scenes of yours are you hoping will get nominations at the AVN Awards this year?
Whew. That’s a really though question. I’ve done so many amazing scenes but the ones that stand out in my mind are: my scene with
Manuel Ferrara in my movie “Kristina Rose is Slutwoman”, also my scene with Manuel Ferrara in his movie “Phat Bottom Girls 2” (& my scene for “Raw 2” but i don’t know if that made the date deadline),  Any of the scenes I did with Alexis Texas in our movie Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman and if Mason’s Massive Facials 2 made the date deadline than my blowbang in that movie too because that is one of my most favorite scenes of the year!

10 How’s your gnome collection coming along and have you sculpted one yet?
It’s growing. I have some amazing fans and they send me all kinds of stuff. A lot of them send me gnomes from their home state. lol. It’s
cute. I haven’t sculpted a gnome yet. Maybe I should. I plan on doinga gnome scene for my website. I’ll keep you posted. ;P

11 Where can people find you on the net?
I’m working on my site Hopefully it will be up soon and you know you can ALWAYS find me on twitter posting naked pictures and trying to be witty.


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Scene Order & Cast:
Kristina Rose & Evan Stone
Katie Summers & Ryan Driller
Nina Hartley & Dane Cross
Kelly Divine & Jack Lawrence
Emma Mae  & Evan Stone
Everyone loves a massage, letting someone’s hands work your entire body. We  always fantasize about what if a little more happens, that happy ending or  even going all the way.  Malibu Massage Parlor pampers five big butt women  head to toe in an oil massage and gives guys happy endings they’ll never  forget.  Our staff  of massage therapists have a way with their hands  getting clients so turned on they request more.  Using our liberator they  explore various sexual positions one could only imagine!

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